How to hook up a volt gauge on a boat

Cut a hole the size of the body of the voltmeter in the boat's dash, using a hole saw.

It is relatively easy to wire your own gauges on your boat, while it is not something you normally have to do for a car.

Before hooking up your first gauge, route the cable from the distribution block to the fuse box.

Many prefer aninboard motor and the ability to monitor how the engine is running through gauges rather than relying on a finely tuned ear.

How to hook up a volt gauge on a boat

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Gauges give you peace of mind, and wiring them yourself gives you control of your marine destiny.

The big advantage of distribution blocks is that you can wire all your gauges to the one block and then connect the block to the battery once, rather than wiring everything to the battery individually.

Most boat gauges fall into the resistor sensor category, such as yourfuel gauge, pressure gauges, andtrim gauge.

Luckily, the simple solution is to wire your ownboat gauges, so that you can use them as you need them.

How to hook up a autometer volt gauge

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Inspect the under-dash area where you wish to mount the voltmeter, to ensure no wires will be damaged when you cut the hole for the instrument.

Connect the white wire to the light terminal of the instrument adjacent to the voltmeter.

Connect your resistance gauges, your fuel, trim, and pressure gauges, in series so they daisy chain like a set of christmas lights, making sure you connect the ground wire first.

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How to hook up a sunpro volt gauge

Part of it is the simple fact that analog gauges are easier to work on, which makes them attractive to do-it-yourselfers.

If your boat's entire dc electrical system operates at the same voltage, whether it is 12vdc, 24vdc or 48vdc, you can install the voltmeter anywhere in the boat's electrical system.

Like your car, the power usually comes from a12-volt battery, normally connected to either analternator or generator.

Voltmeters and ammeters are the easiest to hook up, because for these gauges, the power is the data since they are measuring the flow of electricity.

Boat gauges are nothing more or less than meters, so they depend on the engine's electrical system to work properly.

All it takes is a small amount of time and a few basic tools and you can have all the information you need about your boat's operation.

Voltmeter allows you to keep track of the amount of electricity flowing through your boat's electrical system.

The other thing to remember is that you cannot use just any wire in boats.

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Camping electronics firearms fishing general maintenance hunting rving trailers and towing a voltmeter allows you to keep track of the amount of electricity flowing through your boat's electrical system.

They show you valuable information so you do not have to guess about such things as how much fuel you have left or whether the boat is properly trimmed.

You wire your boat gauges, you need to prepare the boat and gather the supplies you need.

The voltmeter has three wires coming from it, the red power lead, the black ground wire and the white wire that provides power to the voltmeter's instrument light.


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Just like your car, most boats rely on a 12-volt dc system, as opposed to the 120-volt ac power found in your home.

Once you have your gauges, you need distribution blocks and wiring for the gauges themselves.

The first thing you need to do is get the gauges you plan to install.

As the world moves into the computer age, analog gauges are still popular with boat owners.

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