How to hook up an outdoor hd antenna

The following is a collection of our the most frequently asked questions from our customers regarding tv antennas.

Am i able to determine if i need an hd indoor antenna, or an hd outdoor antenna?

Online antenna help form is great for making sure you find the proper digital antenna for your location.

Consider the topics above and if everything seems favorable for success then by all means mount the tv antenna in your attic.

Always install the antenna above this point so the transmitter signal line of sight to the antenna is above or below the metal stripping.

If your only option is an indoor high definition antenna feel free to call our solid signal tech support team so they may help you choose the right one for your situation.

: stands for over the air, which is used in reference to antennas that receive rf signals that broadcast in the air.

You install determine the following:Are some tvsignals too weak to be received with an attic mounted tv antenna?

How to hook up an outdoor hd antenna

How To Install Two HDTV Outdoor Antennas

If you want to cut your cable or satellite subscription, the first thing to consider is to mount an outdoor HDTV antenna. This video ...

In certain areas it's possible that some incomingtv signalsmay betoo weak to be received with an attic mounted tv antenna but can be received with the same antenna mounted outside.

-tie: this is a design of antenna typically used for uhf only antennas and is named that because the front of the antenna usually has elements that look like a bow-tie.

The hd stackerantennaunique design at just 70" longbut allows it to perform as well as antennas that are 12 plus feet long.

To our most frequently asked questions about TV Antennas, Amplifiers, pre-amps, splitters, antenna choice, mounting options and hardware.

If the proper antenna and/or rotator are purchased, you may be able to receive channels from cities anywhere from 60-70 miles away.

Grounded reasonwhen buying an amplifier you need to understand that there are two basic types:pre amplifiers amplifies the signal received by the antenna into the down cable.

Directional antenna needs to be pointed in the direction of the city you want to obtain your local channels from and picks up around 30 wide, and an omnidirectional antenna can pull in stations from a 360 degree radius.

(booster): an amplifier is a device used in conjunction with an ota antenna designed to help make up for signal loss due to long runs of cable or splitters.

How to hook up an outdoor wifi antenna

HD air antenna assembly, installation, operation and review. FP-9000 - VOTD

Antenna installation: 30 to 60 minutes ( / 5 / --- ) In this video I assemble, mount, and program an external HD TV antenna ...

Am unfamiliar with all the different terminology used to explain the types of ota antennas and was hoping you could explain them to me?

Tv signals and tv signals from a greater distance will be effected most by antenna elevation.

Now we do not have to put a new antenna on our roof after we get it re-done this spring!

Typically these antennas are square, or rectangular in shape, and have a metal mesh screen on the back of them.

You help me find an hd antenna that will work for me where i live?

A general rule of thumb is that the larger the antenna, and the more elements on it the better it will do for stations very far away.

The most important thing to remember is like a satellite dish, an hd antenna works best with a clear view.

Fringe: a term used to describe an antenna that has the ability to pull in ota stations that are very far away.

Installing an outside UHF over the air HDTV Antenna

Installing an outside UHF over the air HDTV Antenna.

The extra antenna elevationthat can be gained by mountingthe antenna outside above the roof line must be considered.

You install and mount your hdtv antenna in your attic several factors must be considered.

I added a 10db amplifier near the antenna and channel 2 (cbs) is at 89% signal strength.

If you are unsure whether or not a certain channel such as nbc, cbs, abc, pbs, ion, is a fox are uhf or vhf frequency; play it safe and buy a vhf/uhf antenna or call us!

As i have said in an earlier email, we have tried several other antennas without any success (even with amplifiers).

Some, an indoor antenna will work, but for thosewho need to access a far away signal, an outdoor antenna will be necessary.

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: tv antennas mounted in the attic are more likely to benefit from the installation of a signal preamplifier or a distribution amplifier locatednear the antenna.

Detailed instructions on how to Install an over the air TV Antenna for free HDTV

I created this video because it is very hard to find comprehensive detail on how to install an over the air tv antenna with Pre-amp ...

Both were surrounded by several miles of open farm land and the antennas in each attic werewithin a foot or two of elevation of each other.

A high signal gain (powerful) antenna is required to meet thereception requirements of your particular location i suggest you take a look at the hd stacker antenna.

For example; generally antennas are designed to work best when pointed directly at the station.

These types of antennas usually do not have much more than a 30-50 degree range on a compass.

I grabbed a piece of 7/8" osb particle board andtested the signal strength of several tv channels without the board in front of the tv antenna.

If you have already connected multiple tvs to your antenna, what suggestions do you have for us.

Below to learn more:indoor antennasoutdoor antennasota dvrs mohu antennas are the #1 selling antennas on amazon for a reason!

Sure to check that the 75 ohm transformer on the antenna is connected to the antenna firmly.

HDTV Antenna Install

Installing a RCA ANT751R HDTV antenna.

Live in a metro-area and all the towers surround me in different directions and i am wondering what hd antenna would be best.

Hooked up my pre-amp and now i dont get any channels,After hooking up a pre-amp if you arent getting any channels, it could be one of two issues.

Do you still sell those antennas that look like the one on my grandfathers house back in the day?

In most situations the roof is the best place for installing your high definition tv antenna.

Steps to connecting your antenna to multiple tvs free hdtv on every screen in your homefirst of all congratulations!

Even though the signals are digital now, they are still broadcasted in the air using rf (radio frequencies) just like when the signal was analog, which is why the antenna is still able to work properly.

If your cables or splitters are old, or you are trying to hook the antenna.

First thing to understand is thata tv antenna of the same kind will always work at least a little better mounted outside above your roof line.

Installing an HDTV antenna for "Free TV"

In this video I install a GE brand HDTV antenna from Dollar General for "Free TV" Visit ...

If you are trying to hook your antenna to multiple televisions you should get an amplifier.

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Hd and digital channels can i get in my area if i purchase an ota antenna?

You are not sure what channels you will get, try using antennawebs look up tool.

However if the only option you have is an indoor antenna with hd, give us a call at 877-312-4547 so we can help find if there is an indoor antenna that will be able to get you true 1080i hdtv.

On a proper installation the coax from the antenna should go to a ground block, then another coax into the house to prevent excess of static electricity discharging.

Come i cant get the same stations with my new ota antenna that i was able to get with my old satellite or cable provider?

Will the extra outside elevation place the antenna above surrounding signal obstructions such as neighbors homes, hills etc.

Open Box, Assemble, Install & Testing an Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna

Bought this Esky HG-981 outdoor Digital HDTV antenna on ebay for dollars and successfully mounted it to my old satellite ...