How to hook up live bait for mulloway

Write up, the simple basic rig is best but for variation we have used snapper snatchers and just normal surf rigs with poppers and have hooked up on mulloway.

You wont need a very heavy rod for mulloway despite their size as they arent particularly hard fighters and an overhead or spin reel with about a 10kg line and a 25kg mono leader.

Traditionally the most popular fishing method for mulloway has been fishing with baits, but more recently fishers are using minnow lures and soft plastics trolled or cast form boats to catch mulloway.

As far as night time goes i have caught 2 over 30 lb at night but all the big fish we have hooked during the day.

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Baits are the best for catching mulloway, otherwise fresh mullet, tailor or yellowtail will work well, and even mulies will do the trick.

On where you plan on fishing for mulloway estuaries and rivers or beaches the tactics differ slightly.

For making all that info on fishing for mulloway, do you have any suggestions for fishing the swan river for mulloway?

As there is no structure they wont hang around so you have to be there with a bait.

How to hook up live bait for mulloway

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Ive had success with wire traces but you might consider using some heavy duty mono to terminate your hooks if you feel it gives you better odds.

You will catch a hungry one on pillies but if your mate had a fresh bait on you could be pretty sure he will get smacked first.

I havent caught as many mulloway as you but they have all been on pilchards with a fire and lights, immediately invalidating what you suggest.

Southern waters mulloway are unlikely to be mistaken for other species but in the north they resemble the black jewfish.

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In some good night fishing hours and youre already most of the way to catching a mulloway.

Cast your bait out, put your rod in the rod holder and sit back in your chair.

For mulloway does present opportunities for you to refine your gear and techniques if thats the way you want to go.

Mulloway are often difficult to catch because they can run a long way before swallowing the bait, which makes it difficult to set the hook.

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From the time the sun sets to as late as you are able to go this is mulloway feeding time.

Dude yeah theres heaps of blowies in the swan so fresh bait is a must, not so much on open surf beaches.

Sinkers can be used to improve casting distance and help you cast deep into mulloway catching territory.

That info is posted everywhere in the traditional how to catch mulloway guides but this article is more for the lazy amateur like myself.

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The best advice i can give is big hooks, strong tackle, fresh bait and deep water that is near structure.

Mulloway, once caught, will typically make two runs and it is best to let them run on their first and bring them in on their second run.

Fishing with bait in tidal rivers and estuaries a dropper rig and three-way swivel are recommended for those tidal flows.

I am same type of angler as you, love chatting night out with my mates and i dont live my whole life for catching one fish.

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A set of gang hooks on a wire trace and a star sinker to keep the rig out in the surf.

Mulloway inhabit tidal rivers, estuaries and surf beaches, reefs and rocky headlands of inshore waters although they can be found offshore at depths in excess of 100m.

All my mulloways have been caught at night on a pilchard / mullie in gutters on open surf beaches.

I have tried a few times without any luck and i have to use fresh baits other wise the blowies and grunted strip it clean.

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