How to hook up sirius radio to car stereo

But if you can't (or just don't want to) replace the stock radio, you'll want the siriusxm commander touch.

You already have a compatible aftermarket stereo or you're planning to install one, the siriusxm sxv300v1 tuner is the one to choose.

Satellite radio is one of the best things to happen to drivers since in-car air conditioning.

The two most popular in-car satellite radio products are dock & play radios and dedicated in-car tuners.

How to hook up sirius radio to car stereo

How to Install a Satellite Radio Antenna (Car Stereo) | Car Audio 101

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A little extra work, you can make the siriusxm commander touch look like it truly belongs in your car.

-clear signals: siriusxm's digital signal means no static or interference and the ability to transmit text information like stock quotes and sports scores alongside musical signals.

Just turn your radio on with the antenna facing skyward and tune to channel 184 on a sirius radio or channel 1 on an xm radio.

That's over 20 additional music, sports, entertainment, plus siriusxm latino, a collection of dedicated spanish-language channels.

How to hook up sirius xm radio in car

How to install your Sirius Xm radio in your Semi,car,or truck

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Since you have to remove your radio to get to the antenna input, you'll have easy access to the power and ground wires in your factory radio harness.

You have an older receiver that's siriusxm-compatible, you won't get those newer features, but you'll still get all the siriusxm music, entertainment, news, and sports programming you love, plus cool features like replay and itunes song tagging.

The full-color display lets you see album art, artist name, song title, channel logos and program information, and you can use the touchscreen to choose from the vast array of music, news, entertainment, and sports available on siriusxm.

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" stage of the decision-making process, here's just a few of the reasons you really do want to add siriusxm satellite radio to your car:An unparalleled variety of music choices: you'll get multiple music channels, including rock, pop, country, hip-hop, r&b, electronic, jazz, classical, latin, world, and christian channels.

This wiring and control convenience make a dedicated tuner a viable and attractive satellite radio option.

An auxiliary input to connect a satellite radio tuner will give you the best sound quality.

The satellite radio then connects to the modulator via its audio output or satellite radio antenna connection, depending on the modulator.

How To Install a Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner To a New Radio

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You are already a subscriber, log into the online account center, click the blue add subscription button, then click i have a radio i want to add to my account.

Keep in mind that you will need to access your factory radio through its antenna input, as well as connect the satellite radio tuner to the modulator.

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Antenna is a vital element of your satellite radio setup; without it, you can't receive the signal.

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A visual overview of these processes, be sure to check out our satellite radio antenna installation video.

The factory radio is almost impossible to replace (like this one from an acura tl), a commander touch is a great solution.

Once the cables are connected, and the tuner is mounted, you're ready for satellite radio.

The siriusxm commander touchlets you add siriusxm when you thought you were stuck with am and fm.

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We think the commander touch is the cream of the crop, but be sure to check out our full selection dock-and-play satellite radios.

A front seat is the most popular location for mounting a dedicated satellite radio tuner.

The satellite radio tuner and make all of the audio connections at the fm modulator.

Compact tuner fits behind your car's dash and plugs into your siriusxm-ready car stereo without the need for additional cables or interfaces.

Satellite Radio FAQs | Car Audio

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