How to hook up speakers to epson projector

Okay, the projector does weigh five pounds and it wont slip into a shirt pocket, but still, you could carry it in the type of shoulder bag youd normally use to transport a laptop computer.

Said:all you got to do is: hdmi from laptop to hdmi in on your receiver(mine samsung hc-7000)then hdmi out from receiver to hdmi in to projector.

Said:tomboy64 said:all you got to do is: hdmi from laptop to hdmi in on your receiver(mine samsung hc-7000)then hdmi out from receiver to hdmi in to projector.

Small cablebox to play sound thru bluray surround sound system but only plays audio thru projector speakers.

If your hdmi cable is pluged in then you will have the option to select ether the hdmi or the computers original speakers.

How to hook up speakers to epson projector

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If anyone knows what kind of paint that should be used to finalize a proper viewing screen on a wall for this projector or any projector for that matter.

As soon as i switch to view via the projector the sound switches from the surround to the projector?

Want to get sound from cumputer not the projector using hdmi and computer connetion to system speakers.

But when i plug in my projector, which has no sound input, the computer stops outputting to hdmi at all in my case, and ouputs through the built-in computer speakers.

Attempting to budget for a room specifically for a projector but would like to price out what i am getting into and i don't really want a projector screen.

How to hook up external speakers to epson projector

710hd contains a 2-watt mono speaker for serviceable audio, though for a permanent setup youll want to use your home theater speakers; for temporary setup, external speakers are helpful if youre showing a movie.

As soon as i plug in my projector (an older dvi model), my computer drops the receiver as an attached device, even though i'm successfully passing video through the receiver.

Epson charged by the lumen and applied pico-projector rates, the new epson powerlite home cinema 710hd projector would cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Can connect external speakers to your projector to improve the volume level when viewing a DVD or other business presentation.

Had the samw issue when hooking up to cable but then i finally figured out i had to run the audio cord from the cable tv box to my surround system and then it overrides the hdmi audio.

How to hook speakers up to my epson projector

Speaker Projector Setup

This video is about Speakers.

Is there something in the settings on the projector that i need to set in order use the external speakers?

I did hook up my laptop to this projector to watch movie and i plug in the bose speaker to my laptop (earphone) and there is no sound from the laptop.

My only issue is there is no audio out and i dnt like the 2 watt speakers im forced to use with the hdmi.

Am trying to watch mp3 movies on a screen via inspirion laptop connecting it to my epson projector to project image on screen via hdmi cable.

I just purchased this device and love the picture quality but could not figure out how to hook it up to our bose speakers (which can be done with an auxilary cord - we purchased on specifically for this model, or through bluetooth) neither worked so i think we are returning it.

Epson Projector 730HD

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Convert the projector audio out to digital audio out but you will not get digital surround sound or the quality of sound that the first method gives you.

Am trying to connect my Fujitsu laptop to an Epson projector via HDMI and also the laptop to a Samsung home theatre system.

's guide>forum>streaming video & tvs>connect a laptop to projector with hdmi and also get sound from surround system>.

Do i connect my laptop that only has hdmi port to an epson projector and get sound?

It is unfortunate that you have maxed out the lens zoom range and are not able to physically alter the distance between the projector and the screen.

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I have hooked everything up with the red/white and audio cables and i am not able to get any sound out of the speaker.

As soon as I switch to view via the projector the sound switches from theEnter the characters you see below.

You use it as a portable presentation device or attach it to the ceiling, the epson powerlite home cinema 710hd projector will play to a medium- to large-size room even with ambient light invading the proceedings.

However, my bose external speakers plugged into the audio of the laptop don't work and will only work when i pull out the hdmi cables, but then the movies don't project onto the screen any more.

Am trying to connect my fujitsu laptop to an epson projector via hdmi and also the laptop to a samsung home theatre system.

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If you need to lock down the projector in a public setting, theres a provision of a kensington-style lock.

I wanted (like the original poster, i think) to send hdmi out from a computer to a home theater system with a passthrough to my projector.

Just got this projector and the only space i can put it the pic is too big a lot bigger than the one i replaced and i need help trying to change it i see the different resize options on here but how do i get it smaller while keeping it where it is?

Audio coming out of the surround sound when connecting hdmi cable from laptop to projector.

Projected image size is dependent upon the throw distance of the projector and the zoom lens design.

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