How to hook up studio monitors to macbook

There are already a few audio recording and editing apps that run on tablets, but theyre not quite ready to build a studio around.

!Today i listened to a pair of tannoy studio monitors (biamped, active) and they are night and day from the "audiophile" line tannoy makes (passive).

Monitors i have a nice pair of sonys (md7506) for my serious field work, but a lightweight pair (cant even remember the name now) which i can beat up for taking in the field.

Compressors and eqs used to be important components of any good studio, and there are still appeals to a good piece of hardware, but the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of plug-in processors is hard to resist.

On may 28, 2011very quick video (no sound) on how to do basic connections for a home studio.

How to hook up studio monitors to macbook

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Powered my monitors from my mini jack for about year and was very satisfied with the quality.

M-audio, krk, mackie, and many other companies have self-powered speakers (sometimes called active monitors) with 4, 5, or 8 woofers at excellent prices, from 0-500 for a pair, and remember, you dont have to buy an additional power amplifier.

Its tempting to save money and space, and avoid annoying the neighbors by doing all your audio work on headphones, good monitor speakers are a crucial part of any studio.

M using shure sm58/mxl condensors, mackie 6 channel mixer, m audio fast track and cubase for my home studio setup.

As mentioned above, the macbookpro laptop is a viable host for professional audio applications, while the macbook air is not as sure of a bet.

How to hook up studio monitors to macbook pro

On site suggested using apogee one with my macbook, but i dont know anything about it, would that be something else to consider?

The latency is an issue if you're recording, or re-recording, but it is not if you're using your monitors mostly for playback.

No longer would you need an external mixer, nor an external device for connecting back to the studio.

The convenience of being able to easily move a project from one computer or studio to another makes an external drive very attractive.

Place the speakers so that the two monitors and the spot where youll sit will make an equal-sided triangle, and position them at about ear-level when youre in your working position.

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Subject of acoustical treatments for your listening space is more complicated than we can cover in this article, but if your space is not overly hard and reflective, or extremely resonant at a particular frequency, the proximity of the near-field monitors should overcome most acoustic problems, one doesnt need a perfectly-tuned space in order to make decent mixes.

Even without investing in a full-on studio treatment, just getting some soft materials on your walls, like drapes or other heavy fabrics, will help a lot.

There is a continuing arms race on among the manufacturers of compact, self-powered monitors, with more and more affordable, decent-quality, options every day.

Tablet computers, such as the ipad, are getting close, and even today, one could build a basic recording/editing/mixing station around one, but youre still better off building your basic studio around a more-capable computer, at least for now.

Mixers have long been favorites in small studios, for their balance of price, quality and flexibility.

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You specifically want in a small studio are called near-field monitors, which are designed to be placed fairly close to the mix position, to minimize the effects of the surrounding space.

Professional studios use specially built diffusers for that, but if you can place a bookshelf or some other irregular surface that will scatter audio reflections, it will help.

.well, as monitors i would never ever buy them, but for listening they are better than most speaker in the same price range and above, sometimes far above.

Balanced outputs offer a better protection against induced interferences and allow for longer cables between the output and the monitors.

The whole reason i moved to pt from adobe audition was to be able to share my mixes with a colleague with a mac-based studio.

How To Connect Studio Monitors To An Audio Interface

Directions on how to connect Studio Monitors to a Basic Audio Interface.

Simply plug the line-level output of your mixer or audio interface into the powered monitors, adjust your levels, and youre done.

Used to always include a mixer in a small studio set-up; it was crucial for feeding different sources into your recording set-up, for adjusting your microphone gain, for feeding various sources to your speakers.

The macbookpro generally has more ports than the macbook air, which can be very helpful.

Even though i have a home studio i had to read through just to check.

An announce mic, the best choice depends on how your small studio will be used.

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Smartphones are getting more and more capable with each new model, but theyre still not quite powerful enough to base a home studio around.

With those caveats, apple computers are generally ready for audio editing out-of-the-box, and require little or no customizing to make them good foundations for a small audio production studio.

Bought 2 pioneer studio monitors (sdj-80x) but i don't know if i need an audio interface to get the best sound.

Recently, laptops were not great candidates for the main engine of a serious studio, but now, many laptops have plenty of power to do most editing and mixing tasks.

Easier and more affordable than ever to set up a small studio, whether at home, or as an auxiliary production space in a larger facility.

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