How to hook up turtle beach headphones to computer

Is the turtle beach x11, so it does have a usb, but also a green input and pink input.

How to hook up turtle beach headphones to computer

If your default playback device is set to "turtle beach p11 headset", then the chat dial will control everything and the game dial will control nothing.

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Have a gaming headset turtle beach for my ps3 but my samsung tv only has av1 red and white audio and that doesn't work how d.

Turtle Beach PX22 Mic Test and PC Setup

Here's a quick microphone demo. I also show how to properly setup the PX22 headset for both gaming and communication.

Note: here, make sure your default playback device is not set to "turtle beach p11 headset" ("turtle beach usb headset").

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've recently switched over from xbox to pc and i'm wanting to use my turtle beach headset on my pc.

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Most powerful audio controller ever designed for esports - the turtle beach elite pro t.

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