How to hook up with a girl on facebook

, if you use your facebook account like a normal person, or for any other reason besides chasing pussy, then you should close your account.

Not sure if this opener to this girl is good enough for her to respond.

.a use it to run background checks on people girls are willingly giving up information on their profile which you can use to pick them up.

Hi (girls name), im raymond i came across your profile and it made me stop.

How to hook up with a girl on facebook

Facebook Dating: How to Hook Up with Girls on Facebook!

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And some times in one week or so some girls will be falling at your feet.

Into the app shows a screen filled with the profile pictures of your facebook friends of the opposite sex - it appears to be designed exclusively for heterosexual pairings.

Ive found a girl on facebook and sent her a request, she accepted my request and ive initiated a conversation with, just said hello, and she answered, asked her what shes doing, and then we started talking, i told her that if she wants to know more about me, she can ask whatever she wanta, and on my surprise she did, we talked and we have some things in common.

Cause in history of world no one have ever kiss a girl or f* a girl through fb.

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And a girl will definitely discuss you with all her friends if you had the slightest of interaction on facebook , they would let her know that youre just hitting on her.

A couple of hours per week, adding 5 to 10 girls you think are cute or really hot as a friend.

Im not a big fan of facebook as a pick up tool, but its just one more weapon in my arsenal.

That happens, then the app will send a notification email to the address listed on your facebook account informing you that you have a match.

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Proven Techniques For Chatting Up Girls On Facebook

Proven Techniques For Chatting Up Girls On Facebook Watch “Top 10 Texting Mistakes” ...

Any photos of random girls on their own if there are any slutty shots of girls in your albums, get rid of them.

Cold message a girl its stupid if you send 100 cold messages you might get one back, but it would be from a nutcase.

Way to look for hot woman is to take a girl that you have on your account that is hot go to her friends then choose another hot girl from that girls friends, and in their friends you can just shoot :) that way you will not have any mutual friends because in the end you want to send girls that are around your area, and not the other side of the country.

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Basic idea, being shy is solvable, you just need to go out more, talk to people, the checkout counter girl, friends, old lady on the street.

This isnt some fluffy guide with pointless tips that some punk created these are proven, girl getting techniques given to you in simple steps that you can apply today and start seeing results really damn fast.

Should make a folder in which you save the links to all the profiles youve sent a friend request so that once in two weeks or so, your going back to these profiles and cancel the friend request to avoid being blocked by facebook for sending to much friend requests to people you dont know.

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Many users, the revelation that they are out trawling for sex over facebook could be the source of serious embarrassment.

I get into the good stuff though, lets first see why you should be spending a little more time pursuing women on facebook, rather than posting crap on your wall no one will ever read.

Facebook Pickup Lines - 6 Women Reveal What Works!

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Do u strike up a convo with a chick that has added u on facebook?

Works, ive been chatting with a couple of girls last night and early this morning, but sometimes the conversation just run into a dead end, perhaps its because my opener was weak ( i used : ive been on facebook for a long time, youre too shy add me or what ?

. some girls will say that its too creepy, whilst other girls like the attention and think that its a little exciting, especially if they like your profil pic.

: before i get into the good stuff, you might want to check out this book on facebook game its awesome!

How to chat up women on FACEBOOK