How to hook up your roku streaming stick

The shortcut on the roku tv home screen makes it easy to access the antenna no more switching inputs!

If most of all of the stations you are going to watch are broadcasting on uhf, dont waste your money on a big, expensive vhf antenna.

To mention, theyre streaming service agnostic, which means just about every streaming service out there can be found on the roku platform (which cant always be said for other streaming devices).

How to hook up a roku streaming stick

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Because the tablo allows for a variety of streaming devices, they need to get the stream in compatible formats for them (roku, apple tv, firetv, android, etc).

I have a antenna adapter for my xbox so i tried that into the rokus usb input but nothing happened, no signal, no antenna channel.

Theres more apps and things you can do on the roku as nowtv lock them down to not be able to install anything that competes with their business model.

How to hook up my roku streaming stick

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4 and all other straight roku boxes are connected to your tv via cabling (most likely hdmi).

If i have to pay for an antenna i would just give the roku tv away and just purchase another 32 inch tv that works.

Its super easy to usejust pop in your details and let it do its thing.

How to hook up your roku streaming stick

Tablo also comes with an additional benefit it creates a cable-like guide for all the channels you receive from your antenna.

, and those of us paid members that went along with rokus recommendation of the my cloud pr2100 & 4100 nas still have not received an update and cannot access the most recent members perks!

Simply add the tablo channel to your roku player or roku tv, and stream your recordings to any connected tv.

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If several people in your family are watching hd tv, you can easily burn through 40 or 50 gb in a single day, so the 300 gb cap is a huge problem.

Have a roku 4 on one tv and two roku tvs the roku tv have an antenna icon that works very well.

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I have a the roku tv in my bedroom and i like it a lot.

Antenna channel / capability is only available on the tcl roku tvs not the standalone boxes like the 4 and the new premiere line.

I have to use two remotes one to control the tv and the other to control the roku 4.

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Antenna capability is only available on those tcl roku tvs not the standalone roku boxes like the 4 and the new premiere series.

I had no idea that roku meant that i could not get any of my local channels anyway.

However, when it comes to the roku, how do i stream cable/sat channels like espn, hgtv, food network, disney, etc, without using paid cable/sat subscription logins?

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