How to tell if you re officially in a relationship

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Why is this an important step in the relationship process (even if you decidely do not want any strings attached)?

How to tell if you're officially in a relationship

How Can You Tell If You're Dating Or Just Hooking Up?

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Communication is the key to opening all doors and is one heckuva strong note on which to start any relationship (or friendship, for that matter).

It used to be a simple, check yes/ check no passed-note decision; there was some universally-accepted language that applied to every relationship eventually like girlfriend and boyfriend and will you be my and infinite sequences of words which, regrettably, seem juvenile now to me, at least, and if not to you, then to the future you, the you who has possibly aged out of this official-ask dating ritual, or the you who stopped using looseleaf paper decades ago and so has nothing to draw little square checkboxes on when preparing to pop the first in a series of romantic questions.

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How to know when you're officially in a relationship

Are You In A Relationship?

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Think: he went out without you on saturday (no biggie, you're not officially dating, right?

Knowing all that, do you really need to know which title, or name, or label he uses when he tells his mother about you?

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, its a relationship, stated stephanie georgopulos, writer at studio@gawker in the article how do couples become official these days?

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. you know you're in a relationship when you answer the phone and talk without using each other's name.

You know you're in a relationship when he automatically stirs your coffee with his spoon.

You can tell it's time for "the talk" when, suddenly, instead of spending one weeknight and one weekend night together you're suddenly seeing each other every-other-day (and he even lets mentions he'd like to spend even more time with you).

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. you know you're in a relationship when you spend a weekend afternoon watching the game when, truth be told, you don't even like watching the game.

. you know you're in a relationship when you no longer get sweaty palms in nervous anticipation of seeing that special someone.

. you know you're in a relationship when you casually recount your weekend activities to colleagues on monday morning with, "oh, we ordered pizza and then we watched the game.


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. you know you're in a relationship when you realize there's whole milk in the fridge yet you drink skim.

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: shutterstockyou can hang out together while doing your own thingkimbenn: with my current relationship, i knew things were serious when we could do opposite things in the same room, without talking, and still be content with being with each other.

What if, one day, one of you begins to use relationship words, boyfriend and girlfriend and all that, and neither of you object and so you just continue on, unfazed by the way these words have crept into your bed?

[] try not to be obvious when it comes to liking a guy unless they are officially dating.


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