How to tell your parents you re dating someone they hate

They think that because hes a chinese national (but hes going to get local citizenship soon) hes a gold digger, will pose as a financial burden and cause social rifts between me and my family/friends.

Your case you seem to be willing to adopt a few vietnamese customs for your parents-in-law, but there are cases where really one spouses culture dominates the other.

That must have been such a difficult thing to experience, and should have been a time when you felt support from them rather than criticism and their desire for control over your life.

Im sorry that your family has forced you into this position where you feel like you have to choose between them and a person you love.

It sounds like its important to your partner that youre honest with your family about the relationship and it can be challenging to resolve different opinions.

The communication with your family sounds unhealthy, especially around the topic of your partner and that can be really hurtful to hear.

They think that because they brought you into this world and sacrificed tremendously for you that they have a right to tell you how to life your life as an adult.

Single happy person i know is happy because of independent choices not predetermined plans foisted upon them by overbearing parents.

Sometimes i feel guilty but then i slap myself because they cant chose who i date and he makes me the most happiest woman in the world.

How to tell your parents your dating someone they hate


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My parents and family do not like her and now i feel like its effecting my relationship with my kid, who i see on a very limited basis.

Boyfriend and i want to marry but were from different ethnic groups and we know our parents will never agree.

Had he been culturally vietnamese the way they want, we never would have gotten together in the first place.

How many times have i seen wife point at husband and say, i ruined my body to bear your child(ren), so you owe me (fill in the blank).

"i find it ironic that red pill sites push this women are worthless if theyve had sex with more than a few men".

You so much for being a part of our online community and sharing your situation!

You have the right to make choices about your own life, including who you are in a relationship with and it seems like your family isnt respecting that right.

When you have to turn down someones demands or requests, be clear that it doesnt mean that you dont love them.

It sounds like a lot has changed in your life and your relationship in the last few weeks and i can hear how hurt, confused and angry youre feeling.

How to tell your parents you're dating someone they hate

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Do you think honesty is the best policy or would you date someone behind your parents backs? Let us know what you think!

Is a vital part of a healthy relationship and its important that you feel you can talk to your boyfriend about how youre feeling.

For your family to try to come between you and someone you care about is very stressful.

My case, its taking him away from our culture i married a vietnamese man, after many, many years of his parents disapproval.

It must have been so hurtful that they used their death in order to push their agenda on your relationship.

There are several great suggestions in our blog post about the experience with your family and were happy to talk about them with you anytime.

It sounds like the situations with your and your partners families are hurtful and frustrating.

Your feelings are based on your reputation rather than your heart you are being unfair to the person you're dating and your parents.

It could be a good idea for you to talk to her parents directly about what is going on?

They are so rude to him especially my sister whos relationship is abusive in many ways but i never disrespect her mate.

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Understanding where each of you stand, how your relationship might look, moving forward, and what each of you need for support through this may be helpful.

A close family member knows and my sister and her husband and theyre completely fine with it.

Have been dating a man of a different religion for a year now knowing that my family disapproves of this religion.

Find ways to reassure your family of origin that you appreciate and honor your past while you are also becoming part of the global community that includes people from other walks of life.

Affirm your love for them and your general respect for their opinions but be clear that you have made your decision.

I do know my mom is suspicious of me because a few times shes told me you better not be dating any mexican.

Please feel free to call us 24/7 at 1-866-331-9474 or you can also reach us on our live chat on our homepage, or by texting loveis to 22522 if you want to talk more about your situation.

The fighting between you and your partner sounds stressful; i also hear that youre talking honestly with each other about the situation and how youre both feeling.

Someone who cant imagine her dad saying anything other than, im sure you made a good choice, sweetie, im with evan.

How To Tell Your Parents Your Dating

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She says she loves me and that her parents actions are not gonna make her leave me but she is very family oriented.

Good parenting means giving your kids the tools to make good decisions, NOT making decisions for them.

Evan, have you ever dated someone who was really religious and he/she chose religion over you?

And while i thought some of her reasons for not liking him were petty, it turns out they werent all that petty in the long run.

It is not possible to make your family approve of your partner, and its not possible to understand why they do not approve of him if that is not something that they are willing to share with you.

Its important to respect that your partner also has the right to make his own choices about his life.

Im sorry to hear about the death of your child and how that has affected your families perceptions of the relationship as well.

Equally good question would be why would he stay with someone he isnt in love with.

Its not fair to the person who loves you to be used as a pawn in an ongoing fight you are having with your parents about such things as religion, race, or status.

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You so much for being a part of our online community and for sharing your story with us!

Of the reasons your parents disapprove may seem silly, others may seem wrong and some may actually have merit.

If you havent taught them by then, likely they are not going to learn it!

Maybe hes a solid guy, but they worry about their friends clashing, having nothing in common, the guy dominating the girl with his age and experience, maybe hes in it just for the sex, whatever.

As much as my nagging jewish mother wants me to meet someone and settle down already, shed rather i be unsettled than bring home a woman who isnt a card carrying member of the chosen people club.

Then if you find out why they hate his guts, five years from now you wont be going, why didnt my mom say something?

It gets hard not having them support me now but i hope when the time comes they will say if im happy, theyre happy.

Then we went out one not and his baby mother and her friends come up to him so i ask who are they he said his baby mother.

If you feel safe talking to your family about how you feel, it may be a helpful option to connect with them and hopefully find the support youre looking for.

If you are fighting with your parents, please watch this.

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Guess you only quote the part of my comment that fits your nar"deegee on why gender feminists ignore science that doesnt confirm their beliefs.

Parents usually dont want to lose you any more than you want to lose them.

Or if that is too much, maybe coming around more to make yourself more known?

I hear that youre concerned about your child and the time you two have together.

I can hear how hurtful it is to you that your dad refuses to accept or even meet your boyfriend.

What do you do when your parents dont approve or feel that the person you love/dating is the right person for you?

, im 18 this year and have been dating my boyfriend (same age) for half a year now.

This sounds like such a difficult situation and im sorry that youre going through this.

Definitely sounds like theres a lot to work through, and if you would like to talk further about options for approaching this conversation with your mom, creating a plan for yourself moving forward, exploring other support options, or if you have any other questions or concerns, i encourage you to reach out to us directly!

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