How to tell your parents you want to date someone

't just show up at thanksgiving or your family reunion with someone who's going to cause a wtf moment in your familial universe.

While they never told me i wasnt allowed to date, they werent exactly thrilled when i got my first boyfriend.

This will vary based on your parents, but common causes of shock are radical age differences, someone of a different race or someone of the same sex.

No matter what the age difference, if youre able to take it slow and try to get to know this person well, then youre probably off to a good start.

. about your katy perry song lyric momentsokay so you kissed a girl (or a guy) and you liked it.

Order to allay your mom's questions and curiosities, throw her a couple of bones about your love life here and there, even if they're not that serious or indicative of connections that might have long-term potential.

You have the right to have your own personality, your own likes and dislikes, as well as your own wants.

But not quickly jumping to the boyfriend/girlfriend stage can mean that it takes a little longer for parents to be brought into the mix.

How to tell your parents you are dating someone older

Talk to them in a mature and calm way, when they're in a good mood, and tell them how you feel.

: shutterstock find out why they don't want you to datewhen you are talking to them, ask them straight up why they don't want you to date (in a nice way).

" text means that he's thinking about you, or that his midday email link means that he wants to bond with you over news articles and funny memes.

Although it might be intimidating to start the conversation, it is better to come straight out and tell them rather than avoiding the subject or hiding the relationship.

: shutterstock give them some timeonce the convo is over, your parents may need some time to adjust to what you've said so they can think things over without you sitting there staring at them.

Moms and dads are masters at making "i told you so" sound extra smug, don't give them the satisfaction by sharing those times with them when you're dating someone for all the wrong reasons.

That, unfortunately, much of this hipness fails to translate to your mom's understanding of your love life.

You're just trying to convince her that your new crush's repin of your pinterest post means something!

How to tell your parents you want to date someone

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Do you think honesty is the best policy or would you date someone behind your parents backs? Let us know what you think!

Do this a few times - it will allow your parents to get adjusted to the idea that their little girl is hanging out with - gasp!

This adnextadvertisementdon't pursue it until you meet someone you want to datei know this sounds obvious, but seriously: don't bug your parents about this until there is someone in your life worth fighting over it for.

Being honest with them will make them more likely to listen and consider your feelings.

Slowly if youre younger than your partner, its a good idea to hang out in public if possible when first starting this relationship so you can get to know them better in a low-pressure environment.

Completely stupefied, she will absorb your whole tale and then, shaking her head, offer (again) to set you up with her chiropractor's very nice nephew.

Things your parents should (and shouldn't) know about your dating lifeby howaboutweseptember 21, 2012 5:30 amfor all intents and purposes, when it came to me, my parents were extremely lax.

But once your mother buys into techno-romance as a reality, she might have trouble accepting its more casual nuances.

When talking to your mother, focus on the regularity with which you e-speak, or on the interests you're e-finding in common, or on the butterflies that you feel when you e-hear from him.

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Date

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: shutterstock don't whine, cry, yell or begparents are so annoying sometimes that they make you want to tear your hair out.

This conversation has more potential to go well if you are confident that you and your partner have a relationship where you both respect each other.

How many times you've done "the walk of shame"one night stands aren't something that should be discussed with your parents.

, if an e-flirtation with a guy ends up being a non-event, don't temper your mom's misguided enthusiasm by exclaiming, "seriously mom, it was just a text!

Remember that your friends and family have an outside view of your relationship and may see something that you dont.

This is probably because unlike my brother and sister, i always remembered to call and check in, in high school my social life consisted of debate tournaments and practically nothing else, and beyond that i was always capable of talking myself out of anything remotely fun if i thought it might upset someone.

You text when she used to call, and maybe you fall in love over first-night hookups, ambiguous group outings and thoughtful email chains while she fell in love over phone calls, formal dates and traditional signals of interest and commitment.

If youre younger and do not have a lot of experience with relationships, then saying no to an older person is much more difficult than saying that to someone your age.

How To Talk To Your Parents About Dating

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You flirt over text, hook up with guys who are supposed to be 'just friends' and explore your connections with men in more natural and casual settings that rarely involve formal dates.

's the truth: most of the time, your mother just wants to be included in your life.

Basically, remind her that engaging in techno-romance is just as valid a form of flirtation and getting to know someone as any other means.

Mom less worried about the things that aren't going on in your love life, and allow her a chance to get more excited about the things that are.

Dating someone older or younger than you is not a crime by itself, if you are engaged in a sexual relationship it can become a legal issue.

In-person connection is a must, so make sure that your mom understands that you are also planning to hang out face-to-face.

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Mom will listen to your stories and hopelessly look out for the classic (and outdated) signs of romance that would sound familiar to her.


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If you have acted maturely in the past, then remind your parents that you can be responsible.

Suddenly, instead of grilling you about your choices, she'll be putting on her "wise mother" hat and trying to be helpful.

My mom has always been a sucker when we tell her the truth about how we feel.

Instead of asking for a solo date, ask if you can start off with a group date.

If you're out on a date every night they're going to get antsy about why you're not settling down.

Unless you're looking to make a lifestyle change that may make it impossible for you to get married in certain states you can keep those facts to yourself.

Again, dont feel pressured to do anything you dont want to do just to prove your maturity or how much you care.

If it's that they are just uncomfortable with the whole situation, tell them you will hang out with him at your house a lot.

5 Ways to Get Your Parents to say YES!

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You can cry to them that you're old enough and mature enough all you want, but they won't believe it until they actually see it.

Any relationship it can be a nerve-wracking experience to introduce a partner to your family.

: shutterstock show them you're mature enoughdon't only focus on the thing your parents are worried about.

. the exact reasons why you're dating someonei think we're all guilty of dating someone for a shallow reason and then having it blow up in our face.

The truth is, whether she's asking about your love life right this second or not, your mother is wondering about it.

: shutterstock start smallif you can tell they're almost convinced, but not quite there yet, start small.

They never said i couldnt date him they just did everything they could to make it difficult, from hiding the phones so i couldnt call him to telling me i couldnt go out at all on weekdays.

But when youre young, your parents know that youve had less experience and they dont want you to give up the opportunity of discovering the world on your own terms at your own pace.

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