Iwant to hook up with my girlfriends sister

You had stopped, for just one moment, and thought about all the lives you were affecting with the focus on what you want, i want someone to take care of my four kids, i want the beautiful woman.

Want her to know that she is the most beautiful girl of my life, i want her back by any means and make a beautiful future with her?

Are you concerned about the reaction of your ex or her family if you started dating the younger sister?

Her sister ended up liking me a lot, so i figured it was the 'next best thing'.

And i still love her a lot and want her back and make her believe on that i can get stable asap.

Can you advise me on how to get her back and tell her that she's the only one that i want to get married with as she is there for me no matter up and down?

Iwant to hook up with my girlfriends sister

Meeting The Parents (2 of 2)

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Goldload more comments(1 reply)[]thebeardlessman 226 points227 points228 points 5 years ago(12 children)considering that twins are two children born at the same time of the same womb, no, i am not attracted to my girlfriends twin brother.

I tried to explain to her that i am sorry, and i want to make things right but she didn't agree.

.20 will she forgive me and marry me after i slept with her sister 2 years ago?

Had a night out drinking with her sister with her knowledge and permission, we got high up and since she was not at home, her sister ended up in my bed and we had sex.

" they were also roommates, and while they looked nearly identical, i couldn't stand the sister (who was high-strung and critical of people).

I think it was caused by: i think i was pushy and i asked the sister questions about her and also for lying to her.

Iwant to hook up with my best girlfriend

My Girlfriend's SISTER Turns Me On?! (Crazy Life Story!)

Commentator : https://www.youtube.com/user/xXItsMeMarioXx It had to be scary having your girlfriend randomly snapping on you ...

Now i remember going to bar and having shots, putting my arm over her shoulder but i didn't think it was in the type of way to look like i was trying to hook up.

If you want this relationship to work then you will have to let her have complete access to your entire life.

It doesnt sound like she wants you for herself but that doesnt mean that she wouldnt find it strange if you started dating her younger sister one day.

)submitted 5 years ago by dearrrnn4663 commentssharetop 200 commentsshow 500sorted by: besttopnewcontroversialoldrandomq&alive (beta)[]kevtron3k[] 1503 points1504 points1505 points 5 years ago(56 children)i dated an identical twin and saw her sister naked before her.

It was the one i always wanted to be with looking me up because 'she always knew and felt the same'.

Goldload more comments(4 replies)load more comments(11 replies)load more comments(12 replies)load more comments(15 replies)[]fuzzhead12 1146 points1147 points1148 points 5 years ago(215 children)my girlfriend is a redhead, and has an identical twin sister.

I know it clearly in my heart, i love only her and the one i would want to get married with.

Did some wrong after my breakup, now i realized the whole situation, want to say sorry for her and want her back.

If she does not want to go to counseling with you then you can suggest that you both see the same counselor but individually because, yeah, you have some issues to work out as well.

Goldload more comments(3 replies)load more comments(65 replies)[]door_mouse 1051 points1052 points1053 points 5 years ago(71 children)while my gf's twin sister looks identical, she has a very different personality.

Although your wife originally agreed to allow this woman in your life, the woman has determined that this is not a relationship she wants.

Seems like you do not have a good emotional handle on what you want out of life.


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So he goes up behind his girlfriends sister and goes under her shirt and slides his finger up her back and reaches around and grabs a boob.

We were texting and after that nothing happened, thank god, and after a month the girl texted all the messages to my wife, so my wife got so mad at me, she doesn't believe me, she doesn't want to talk to me, she doesn't want to see me.

Deidre: I can't get over my girlfriend hooking up with four guys and then showing me the sex tapeThis video is unavailable.

Says she loves me and wants a future with me but if we are that great together, why is she leaving me for another six months?

Goldload more comments(15 replies)load more comments(24 replies)[]metarinka 588 points589 points590 points 5 years ago(57 children)nope,But from behind it was very hard to tell them apart, sounded the same on the phone too and they shared a cell phone, lots of times i called up with my sexy voice on only to figure out i was talking to the sister -_-.

But recently, i got to know that this lady wants to separate me from her.


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The sister's boyfriend was passed out in the room next door and she was completely nude flipping her shit about god knows what.

I can find a man physically attractive but in no way want to have intimate times with him because his personality isn't compatible.

Says: it may be a coincidence that he looks like you but even if he is your child, surely you dont want to tear his life apart?

I met her at my sister's house, she was depressed and she said i wish that i can stay here in jordan longer to see my kids more often but she couldn't because in our culture women can't live alone except if they are married so she had to go back with her family to palestine.

I really love her a lot and she's the only one that i want to marry and spend my future with.

So good god damn, people, with any pair of siblings that have been through the same: don't ask if they want to threesome.

Kissing My Ex Girlfriend,

Soooooooooooo, yeah. This really happened. I honestly don't know what to say haha... twitter: http://twitter.com/KianLawley we ...

I certainly didn't mean for this to take off; just wanted to share my personal (and honest) feelings.

The bottom line here is that, at the end of the day, the girlfriend feels like a loser and unwanted.

Were drinking, i was drunk and there was a girl in our little group of friends (a sister of a friend) me and my wife were talking to a couple and our group (the wife of couple is the sister) and apparently i left the table walked up to this girl put my arm around her and went to the bar.

A lot of men cheat in a very obvious way, yet they think that their girlfriends actually don't notice it.

Goldload more comments(2 replies)load more comments(10 replies)[]rustywolf 1430 points1431 points1432 points 5 years ago(143 children)"why are you looking at my sisters ass".

Even if she still pushes you away, do not get into a relationship with another person for at least 3 months in case this is a test period for your girlfriend to see if you really meant that you only want her in your life.