If you are the one dating show in chinese

.Bold, blunt and deliciously weird, chinas biggest tv dating show is wildly popular in the one market where the show is broadcast for an english-speaking audience: australia.

But my teaching schedule is just 18hours per week, so ive had a lot of time to invest in learning chinese.

You are the one in chinese, fei cheng wu rao has become an unlikely hit for australias youth-oriented sbs2 channel since the network decided to start broadcasting it with english subtitles in 2013.

But wu is now married to a previous candidate, dong yan, who had gone on the show to woo her after following her weibo; the "mr right" she had missed the first time.

Now, people are more curious; that was necessary for the show to be a success.

Is the shows success with aussies that producers have launched a casting call here for 28 men and women to fly to china in december and appear in two australian specials.

Of the australians who understands the show best is joe sweeney, one of a handful of westerners to have taken part.

If you are the one dating show in chinese

[Eng Sub] If You Are The One. S6E45. Meng Xue Leaves

Meng Xue leaves in Season 6 Episode 45. With a viewing audience of up to 50 million per episode, this popular Chinese dating ...

The show is capable of sowing the seeds of romance from its faraway base in nanjing, too.

Thought a television dating show would be "the most effective way" to find a suitor "because a lot of people see you through this platform.

The key is the format, which originated in australia in a show called take me out.

The jovial host, meng fei, might invite the guy to demonstrate a special talent, play testimonials from his friends and family or show him being interviewed backstage.

My job is to give everyone an equal and fair opportunity to show the best side of themselves.

In my anxietyi said i love yousomething i honestly never thought i would say on chinese television to someone id just met.

Australian candidate joe sweeney left the show without a date when the woman he had chosen rejected him, saying her parents might not approve of a relationship with a foreigner.

If you are the one chinese dating show

If you are the one (2014) - funny and nice segment (ENG SUB) p3 非诚勿扰

Funny segment from Chinese Dating show If you are the One (2014). Content owned by Jiangsu TV, repoduced for language and ...

The name of the show in chinese (fi chng w ro), emphasises the cultural difference the phrase actually means serious inquiries only.

"it's a place where people from entirely different backgrounds all join together to chat about a tv show, and connect on different levels," says tennant.

"my concern was that when things are translated into english, like when many chinese novels are translated into english, some things are lost.

In china, the show exploded after its launch in 2010, reportedly attracting up to 50 million viewers per episode.

Zhengzeng's interests include the chinese taleof the monkey king and harry potter, both of which she often referenced on the show.

Zhengzhen, former contestant on chinese dating show if you are the one who now lives in melbourne.

In reality, this was an effect created in the editing room, and nearly every question i was asked had to be either repeated or translated into english by one of the more experienced foreigners on the show.

[Eng Sub] If You Are The One. S6E52. Luo Qi Leaves

With a viewing audience of up to 50 million per episode, this popular Chinese dating show is a cultural phenomenon. A lone male ...

They have a child and now live in melbourne, where they are working on a tv show forher chinese blog.

China, where the show has 34 million followers on weibo (their version of facebook), a similar phenomenon occurs.

Recent british contestant looking very british was able to keep every chinese female candidate interested in him at least in the first round, jing han says.

Of the strangest things about the show was how the contestants (both chinese and foreign) were given very little time to talk to each other directly.

It didn't work out with bella, the girl i left the show with, maybe because she was from dalian in northern china, a good thousand kilometres or so away from where i live in suzhou near shanghai.

Weekend the shows dedicated australian following takes to twitter, tumblr and online forums to revel in the candidates latest quirks.

The chinese dating program if you are the one has an audience of more than 30 million at home, but is watched mostly by expats on mandarin-language tv stations in other countries.

Why I love "If You Are The One", Chinese dating show.

I love watching If You Are The One on SBS television!

In the week after the show was broadcast, i did get recognised and asked for photos a couple of times in the city centre.

Im not a chinese graduate and there is no language requirement to go to china, so id only been learning for four months when the show was recorded in mid-december.

On the chinese show, calledif you are the one, instead of filming successful contestants on a date, a sponsorship deal with a travel agency givesyouan all-costs-paid (and tv-camera-free) four-day holiday in the maldives, one of the world's leading honeymoon destinations.

Popularity has surprised even sbs2s executives, who were initially skeptical that their viewers would care to watch a matchmaking show entirely in chinese.

"i know this show has been very popular around the world among chinese audiences, but it is a big surprise to me that australian locals like it," says meng.

Part of the show's appeal lies in its brutal honesty, but there is more to it.

Chinese dating competition 'If You Are The One' has been broadcast with English subtitles since 2013.

A favoured female contestant finds a partner, it's often a bittersweet moment for regular viewers, who will miss her presence on the show.

The show, i got a taste of real showbiz: having my hair and make-up done, being on stage with a mic, and playing cello and table tennis in front of an audience of millions.

This might conceivably have something to do with the matchmaker figure in chinese legend, (yu lo the old man on the moon), a god who joins couples in marriage.

If you are the one is loosely based on a show called taken out that first aired in australia in 2008.

Successful 'couples' are whisked off to tenerife or cyprus for a date, which is filmed, and the result is shown on the next week's episode.

The show draws candidates from all over china and from all different walks of life, something very rare for chinese tv, she explains.

Fei (left) and dong yan, with portraits of wu zhengzhen, on chinese dating show if you are the one in 2012.

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Meng fei was told the show he hosts was popular in australia, he thought it was a lie.

Apart from the challenge of competing in chinese, he said he also had to confront cultural differences.

My experience of going on the show was an extreme example of a feelingfamiliar to any foreigner living in china.

.There might be hope yet for single australians looking for romance on their favorite chinese dating show.

Chinese brands to chinese neighbors and chinese food, china and its culture are becoming a prominent feature of many australians everyday lives even if much of that culture remains foreign.

Chinese dating show has become a cultural phenomenon in Australia, luring Chinese couples to relocate Down Under.

The beginning of last november, a chinese teacher and colleague at my school sent me a message on wechat (the chinese near-equivalent of whatsapp) asking if i was looking for a girlfriend in china.

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