If you re not dating a dancer

. confirmed that dancers are remarkably brilliant as "[f]ew activities stimulate as wide a variety of brain systems as dancing does.

Youve ever dated a non-dancer, then youll realize that you can only talk to him/her before or after practice because its too hectic during, right?

If you're not dating a dancer raise your standards

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Just cracking every bone in your body...no big deal. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos!

If the guy was a good dancer, and you seemed to be enjoying yourself, then i dont think he would say anything, just act as a good friend and stick with you until you were ready to leave.

Being able to find their core relates to their love life; dancers have to dig deep within themselves to understand who they are on the inside.

If you're not dating a dancer

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When it comes to dating one, you'll need to prepare yourself for an intense love affair.

Have heard that when it comes to dating women in the salsa scene that there could be some problems in terms of the salsera wanting to go out dancing every single day and they need to date a guy that dances salsa to keep the relationship happening.


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The thought of dating someone who can go toe-to-toe with you in a battle of wits gets you hot and bothered, you're in luck.

If you're looking for someone whose vision of love is en pointe with yours, these nine reasons to date a dancer will prove that they're the best candidate, barre none.

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Even though i'm a dancer myself, watching other dancers pull off ridiculously hard (not to mention incredibly sexy) moves without breaking a sweat still leaves me in awe.

Schedules coinciding, you can hang out at with your dancer girlfriend or dancer boyfriend, in the wee hours of the night and eat together at 4am, something that im pretty sure is not a good idea for your health.

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Are up at random hours of the night; have you ever checked facebook after a really long practice and noticed the people online are mostly dancers?

Im currently a popper and house dancer and i got into those 2 dance styles so i can meet women and impress them.

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The real though, if youre dating a dancer, thats an automatic partner for any couples choreography, an automatic viewer/critic for any choreo that you want to present, and an automatic idea-bounce-off-er.

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