Install light to ceiling fan

Lights could be set to on or off when it comes out of the box.

If you do not have a separate toggle switch on the wall to operate the ceiling fan and light separately, grab the blue wire and place it with the black wire from the fan motor and the black insulated wire from the electrical box.

Retrofitting a fan into an existing ceiling light fixture box it may not have adequate support.

Remote control kits include a handheld transmitter for sending commands to the fan and a receiver which either conceals inside the fan canopy or mounts just beneath the ceiling.

This pushes the air up against the ceilings and down the walls, to gently re-circulate the warm air without creating a cooling wind chill effect.

Determine if your fan can be installed without the light kit, you can look in three places.

A gold sticker on top of your fans motor (the part that faces the ceiling once it is installed).

Install light to ceiling fan

How To Install a Ceiling Fan Light Kit

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Hunter original is the most unique ceiling fan on the market, with a design that dates back to the turn of the 20th century.

The temperature of the air in a heated room varies in layers; the air near the ceiling is warmer than the air near the floor, because warm air rises.

Replace an existing fixture, first turn off electricity at the homes main electrical panel to the circuit that powers the light and its switch.

For example, a 12 foot ceiling would need a 3 foot downrod to position the fan at 8 feet (one foot must be allowed for the distance from the top of the fan motor to the switch housing bottom).

A ceiling fan can help push the warmer air that is trapped near the ceiling back down into the room, thus de-stratifying the layers of warm air.

The answer is "yes" if you have a three wire set-up in the single wall switch and purchase a more common, dual control that will operate a fan and light separately from a single switch.

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Connect light to ceiling fan

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7connect the black insulated wire from the ceiling fan to the black insulated wire from the electrical box.

You will need to be able to:Locate a 2" x 4" or other suitable support in the ceiling.

Fans need to be properly anchored to an electric ceiling box that's designed to hold a heavy fixture.

If not, replace it with a fan-rated junction box and a fan brace between the ceiling joists to help support the fans weight.

Things you will need step ladder non-contact voltage sensor screwdriver orange wire connectors yellow wire connectors references (1) the home depot: hampton bay colby 52 inch quick install ceiling fan owners manual photo credits creatas/creatas/getty images suggest a correction how to install a ceiling fan with black, white, red & green wires what is the red wire for when installing a light fixture?

So if your ceiling height is 12 feet, you need a 3 foot downrod in order to properly position the fan 8 feet from the floor.

While each fan and remote control may have unique components specific to their installation, this video applies to the installation of remote controls on most "5xxxx" series model ceiling fans.

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Your fan includes a light fixture, assemble the fixture and switch housing (if provided), then attach the fixture to the fan motor assembly.

If the room has no existing fixture, this project is more difficult and entails cutting through the ceiling and installing new wiring and a switch.

Ceiling fans come with a mounting bracket; if yours does not, you can buy a mounting kit separately.

6match the end of the white insulated wire from the ceiling fan to the end of the white wire from your electrical box.

Everything connected, it's time to check for proper operation:Turn the power back on at the electrical panelcheck operation of the light switch and local pull chain controls for the fan and/or light.

After a hole is cut in the ceiling, electrical wiring is routed to the hole from a convenient nearby junction box, then the brace and a new ceiling box are installed as described above.

If you have two toggle switches on the wall that operate the ceiling fan motor and light separately, you should have an additional red wire inside the box.

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Remote controls can operate the fan or light reliably up to 40 feet away from the fan.

Before beginning, check for any damage such as to the glass globe (if lighting is used) and ensure completeness of all parts.

Some braces are available with a ceiling box attached, or you can attach the existing ceiling box to the brace.

:check the joists for any wiring or plumbing pipes that might be in the way before installing your ceiling fan.

This Home Depot guide provides step by step instructions with illustrations and video to install a ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans have different colored wires coming from the motor that don't quite match the household circuit wires' colors.

When installing a ceiling fan with the down rod, you can insert the ceiling fan down rod into the bracket, and the bracket will hold the weight of the fan.

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The fan motor to the ceiling bracket by inserting the swivel ball into the bracket.

Average, a ceiling fan run on high speed will consume less power than a 100-watt light bulb.

That may be why ceiling fans are so popular and seen in many homes and apartments as standard appliances.

The black wire from the ceiling fan is the hot wire that runs the motor and turns the fan blades.

, shut off the circuit at your power panel that will connect to the ceiling fan.

Ceiling fan can save up to 47% on cooling costs, and up to 15% on heating costs.

, now that we know the ceiling box can support the weight of the fan and the wiring is safe, lets get to installing!


This video shows how to install a ceiling fan in the place of a light fixture. This job is so easy, anyone can do it with minimal tools.

Ceiling fans can be adjusted with an accessory remote control sold separately from the fan.

Is the difference in having a ceiling fan installed close to the ceiling versus on a downrod - i have seen both ways.

When used in conjunction with an air conditioner, a ceiling fan can lower energy costs, because you can set the thermostat of your air conditioner at a higher temperature.

As the ratchet is turned from below, arms on the brace extend until they contact the ceiling joists on both sides of the hole (image 3 demonstration).

You have access from above, you can make and install your own support brace using a length of 2x4 lumber nailed to the ceiling joists on both sides of the box location (image 2).

The bulb-shape fitting at the top of the downrod to the mounting bracket on the ceiling.

General formula for calculating downrod length is: ceiling height in feet minus 9' = downrod length.

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