Is dating and having a boyfriend the same thing

I know my ex likes to triangulate us meaning he will prob tell her things about me for her to dislike me because he did that to me and his mom.

For me, i don't think my boyfriend is "in love" with the mother of his children but he does have love for her and care for her for the simple fact she's the mother of his two kids.

I think it probably has to do with me being a very old fashioned family oriented man, i would love nothing more than to see our family put back together and actually work out.

You meet someone online and you start spending more and more time together, the last thing youre thinking about is your online dating profile, let alone updating or deleting it.

Are still dating -- sure -- but recently, would-be couples less readily refer to one another as "boyfriend" or "girlfriend," opting instead for basic exclusivity, sans label.

Baby daddy cheated on me we been together three years he now has another baby by another female when every she leave him with nothing an fly back to germany he always run back to me what should i do.

Unlike the ambiguous term "hooking up," which can very well be used to reference everything from a three-second makeout session to full-blown sex, the "boyfriend/girlfriend" label universally implies exclusivity and commitment.

Meet craig, my friend with whom i am consistently physical but don't yet call my boyfriend because i'm not 100 percent convinced he's worth my time.

Been dating a guy i met online for almost six months, but he wont delete his online dating profile.

Dating means boyfriend girlfriend

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's funny to think that such innocent terms as "boyfriend" and "girlfriend," that floated so effortlessly around the halls of high schools, now imply some sort of deep, long-lasting, sticky commitment of the utmost seriousness.

Really hope this is not the same anonymous that has asked this question like five other times.

Do you think he slowly but surely trying to make a come back or just trying to do the right thing to co-parent?

"boyfriend" and "girlfriend" seem to share the same fate as the now arcane "going steady.

It hard to let him go i'm just trying to let him be, he says i'm to blame for why nobody wants to be with him , they get tired of me trying to be with him or whatever but he does things to make me think let's do this .

Don't know the feelings a guy with a baby mama might have, but i suspect they are in the same ballpark.

The thing is i don't want his money and i know he needs to be held accountable but honestly if he doesn't want part of his daughter life he can go.

We share our daughter on weekly rotations and my boyfriend and i are long distance .

My question why does my ex insist on having sex with me if he is so happy with his new girlfriend.

Difference between date and girlfriend

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Back in january he moved out of the household , so things for us , became real better.

Know everyone is different, but based on person feelings or experiences dating people with children.

I mean i suppose there might be some wish things hadn't gone so bad, but at a certain point you give up and accept that things are better off as they are.

'm dealing with the same thing and i wonder would he ever get back with her even though we have a child together now.

I still dealt with him knowing this , i also knew the start of our relationship was nothing serious , and it takes time for things to go or get serious.

I just got done dating a chick who would be pissed with her baby daddy cause he always kept tabs on her and shit.

But when those unique dating situations suddenly become your present reality, you still feel like a deer caught in headlights no matter how many books about polyamory or open relationships you may have read.

The thing is i tell him i miss my family and him but he never responds back yet when we go out he pays for everything for both of us but we don't talk much, i will admit that i'm kinda scared to talk to him.

So, on a night i went out to enjoy a close friend of mine birthday party, he called my phone wanting to come over, and bring me something.

Is dating and having a boyfriend the same thing

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I'm sure there's a small part of each of them that wishes things hadn't gone the way they did, but since they are both much happier with their current marriages of 15 and 25 years (and another kid), respectively, no, they have zero hope things might some day work out again.

Feel really bad for your situation see im female though who has done nothing but stick by her man even though he's done nothing but treat me like shit, they way he talks to me, calls me every name under the sun, our son is one month old and i've jusy found that hes been messaging girls behind my back, this is the third time of him messaging girls and i really don't know what to do, i don't want my son to have a broken family but i've just got to the point where i think he will never change i've been loyal to him took him in and everytime we argue i feel bad in kicking him out because he has nowhere to go so today even though ive seen him message girls he's lay in my bed whilst i'm in the bath holding back tears wondering what i done wrong to be getting treated this way.

He says he loves her now because they are having a child together and he can't let his child to be in a broken home.

It shouldn't get to me the way it did but i always think there could possibly be something going on between them still.

He sees himself as having been used as a "sperm donor" and then an "atm" it is likely he will figure his kids will be taught at home to see him the same way "mama" does.

Long story short i end up coming home monday , and something tells me to go on facebook and her page.

Toughest part about being in a relationship is knowing when to call it quits, especially when its not something you really want.

.she tells me they have been out together and "tried having sex" but never did.

. he doesn't seem to care that she's back, he says she's back because of the kids and for me to be patient and that he's trying to figure something out.


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The funny thing about being in a relationship when youve been single for so long is that you go into it having all these preconceived ideas on how you would react to certain dating situations, and you prejudge your future relationships based on your past ones.

.i have two boys but their father doesnt come around n i know if he were around i definitely wouldn't get away with doing what my boyfriend n his ex do.

It would not matter where i am at in life or who i am with, if she would give things another shot i would drop anything and everyone to do just that.

Bf don't want to talk about his child mother everytime i try to bring up something he shut it done.

Well she sure did drop the tea , i end up asking him , and he never denied it , but he never said anything either.

It's not fricken normal, everything else in our relationship is perfect, he's loving, caring, romantic, i am the complete opposite of that "woman" i work, look after myself, i'm supportive and caring, yet this continues to happen, i just don't understand it!

Will they always deep down wish things worked out and hope things work out in the future?

"it is an unspoken understanding," he said, "in agreeing to be exclusive, we're basically saying, 'i like you and want to see if this continues to be good, so i won't do anything with anyone else that could mess this up, but officially calling you my girlfriend is a little too much at this point.

Unlike married couples -- or even cohabitating, unmarried couples -- should a boyfriend and girlfriend breakup, there are few -- if any -- financial or familial troubles to navigate.

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It pisses me off and it's little things she so to get under my skin.

We don't have a bad relationship we are great together makes me thinks something is wrong with me he doesn't want to be with me .

Point is she says i will always be first on the list and she says she isn't dating this dude but their intimate and he cares for her.

Its a dilemma thats more common than you think when online dating turns into an offline relationship.

Didn't hear nothing from her nor did i hear anything about my 1 month old son at the time!

Deep down they are still hoping or wishing things had worked out differently, especially if there wasn't something major like abuse or cheating going on.

He does what he wants and when we actually suggest him to do something he goes why is everyone forcing to change me or make me do something.

, you still need to throw his ass on cs and light a fire under him to get him motivated to do something.

's hardly news that conventional dating norms have gone out the window and, with them, so too have traditional dating labels.

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Breaking up is the easy solution when youre operating under the guise of a traditional relationship, but theres no such thing as traditional when it comes to online dating.

Coffee meets bagel coffee meets bagel (cmb) is a free dating service that helps members make meaningful connections.

My baby dad and i were still having sex after we broke up, and got a new gf.

Long story short i have done everything in my power to get this woman back!

It was something about him as well that i could not put my finger on.

The house is 5 minutes from where he lives with his mom and in the same neighborhood as his sister.

Other times, you get hit with a case of fomo, or fear of missing out, and you take a gander at all the men or women you could be dating instead.

I think we can both agree that no two relationships are alike, and that being in a relationship doesnt have to mean the same thing it means for most people, especially the kind of people who believe in marriage.

Katz makes a great point in one of his blog posts about this very dating dilemma online.

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