Is dating your best guy friend a good idea

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Unless your potential beau has serious beef with your besties, theres a good chance that your buddies already know and like him.

In your head, you didn't feel the need to "try" in front of your best friend you were just you.

Before you decide whether or not you should give him a chance, see what our relationship gurus and other collegiettes have to say about dating your best guy friend.

Scary about moving a friendship to a relationship is that its very difficult to go backwards, alexander says.

And unless your parents ever pulled you aside with advice like, "i don't trust this hooligan!

If convenience and comfort are your only reasons, it may be smart to move onto the next guy.

Is going out with your best friend a good idea

10 Reasons You Should Date Your Best Friend

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He might joke about your gross (yet satisfying) nail biting habit, or he's probably aware that one glass of wine too many makes you weirdly political in social settings.

Because monica and chandlers group wasnt hindered by their relationship in friends (thank you, television gods) doesnt necessarily mean yours will be the same.

Your mood is elevated during his presence, even if it's when you're doing something stupid like snarking on movie selections.

By dating your best friend, you've already moved past all of the "getting to know you" awkward parts.

You're dating, you're just cringing over anticipation of the moment when these habits come to light.

And as much as you hate to admit it, your family can sometimes see whats best for you even before you can.

Even though he doesn't actually mind that you look like a giant pillow in your sweats, if he notices when you rock a pair of jeans, and mentions it, he could be boyfriend material.

Is dating your best guy friend a good idea

Why dating your best friend is a good idea

Would you consider the person you're dating a best friend? If not, then you might be missing out. Studies indicate couples who ...

Plus, just imagine the energy that you and a friend-turned-boyfriend will share after months (even years!

.Though awkwardly bumping into your former flame is a normal occurrence for a lot of collegiettes, breaking up with a best friend can feel more like gotyes somebody that i used to know.

For example, if he says that you look amazing in that dress and that you should wear it to his sister's wedding six months from now, there's a good chance he's into you.

And if you find yourself giving off your usual flirting signalsplaying with your hair around her or touching her armyour body might be trying to tell you something too, says orbuch.

Whether or not you and your best friend are soul mates, we promise that prince charming is on his way!

In fact, if you mention the relationship to your parents, you'll probably get the response of "finally!

Since youre already so comfortable with your beau, theres no need to laugh at jokes that arent funny or go to his favorite, expensive indian restaurant when the thought of curry makes you a little queasy.

Is dating your best friend a bad idea

Dating Your Best Friend!

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If your goodnight high five has turned into a goodnight hug and that hug is getting progressively longer, there might be some chemistry between you.

There's nothing quite like feeling a spark of attraction between you and someone you just met, but lately, we've been wondering whether it's better to date afriend, or at least somebody we've known longer than just a couple of weeks.

In a way, it makes sense: he listens to your pointless rants and remembers your birthday, and you obviously enjoy hanging out with him.

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If movies like hes just not that into you and just friends have taught us anything, its that after years of looking for mr.

When she isn't busy, kelsey loves hanging out with her friends and family, shopping, reading style blogs, going for a nice jog, listening to music, creating baked goods in the kitchen, watching movies, and eating tons of frozen yogurt and sushi!

Dating your best friend may seem intimidating, but it can also be the best decision of your life.

Is dating my best friend a good idea

When You Date Your Best Friend

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You'll be wondering if whether or not eating scoopfuls of peanut butter from the jar will be his dealbreaker, or if the fact that your socks are bunched together like a pile of unmatched nightmares will turn him off.

So if he typically has your back when you vent about dating issuesand vice versait could mean that you have the same expectations for a relationship.

When youre dating your best guy friend, you can finally relax and just enjoy hanging out with him.

Afriend, he will not only be aware of your personal weaknesses, but he will know how to respond to them in a way that is constructive to the relationship and to your desire to improve yourself.

If youre not willing to risk a friendship, you may want to think twice about dating your partner in crime.

Giphychances are, you'll feel less self-conscious about the number of guys in your past if your boyfriend already knows about them before deciding to date you.

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"if you meet someone and have chemistry right away but don't build a friendship, that passion will run out because there's nothing to support it," says relationship expert jane greer ph.

However this doesn't necessarily mean that he wants to leave the friend zone, says orbuch.

Whendating someone who started out as a friend, you can skip the neurotic "i need to impress him"phase and go straight to wearing no makeup andnerdingout together on saturdays spent indoors.

I didnt feel like seeing him or if we were in a fight, its awkward when hes either there and you arent speaking to each other, or he cant hang out with his friends because youre there, gemma says.

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Best friend has seen you in all types of tees the one you got from a walk-a-thon back in 1997, the one you accidentally puked on during a horrible party a year or so ago, and the one that is two steps away from being a dust rag.

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Dating your best friend may seem like a scary thing, and there are lots pros and cons for turning your friendship into a relationship.

Do random stuff that i would do with my other friends, like staying in all weekend and watching movies, says emma squire, a senior at vanderbilt university.

If your friend has feelings for you and you clearly enjoy hanging out with him, why not give it a chance?

The most attractive qualities in another human, i've learned, is the barrage of support they have given you throughout your life, as well as the years of history between the two of you.

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Before you and your guy friend go out on a date, think about why youre willing to give this a shot.

And since this "first date" was likely a friendly hangout, this information was revealed without anxiety or nerves.

" you might claim, as you prepare a list of romantic laments that you plan on sharing with your bestie during your daily call time.


Dating your best friend or a close friend might possibly be one of the best decision you have ever made. We all have at one point ...