Is it ok to date a guy shorter than me

Know many an otherwise open-minded woman who swears that she would never date someone shorter than she is, and i used to count myself among them.

Is it ok to date a guy shorter than me

My Boyfriend Is Shorter Than Me Pt. 1

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He was cute, friendly, funny, and pretty much the ideal first-dance date candidate except for one thing: he was a couple inches shorter than me.

Is it weird to date a guy shorter than me

Is It Weird To Date A Shorter Guy? (+ Taller Girls)

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A guy who can look at all those statistics and societal pressures and say "eff that" is less likely to be threatened by other ways that you buck gender stereotypes for example, instead of feeling weird about you getting a raise or showing off your superior sports knowledge, hell celebrate the fact that hes with someone who doesnt make herself smaller to accommodate others.

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If you "only date" men at least 6 feet tall, youre shooting yourself in the foot as far as selection.

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Since coming to college, i have dated a few boys and with each of them, like all the rest, i judged them on their height.

So, You’re Taller Than Your Boyfriend

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For anyone out there too weirded out by height reversal, scared to take the risk, or ashamed to stand next to a shorter boy, all i have to say to you is to just let go of what society has been telling girls since the beginning of time.

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If you told me five years ago that the man id end up marrying would be shorter than me, id laugh in your face.


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