Is natalee and anthony from the valleys still together

Elsewhere, ak invites anthony and jason to do another photoshoot, this time with other female twins.

Matt damon's bromance with chris hemsworth heats up as the hollywood stars spend time together in the french riviera.

It's extremely awkward the next day as she tries to blame the confession on the alcohol, and natalee's quick to sense tension between the two of them.

Natalee decides to make chidgey jealous by flirting with anthony, and jenna's not happy that she's taken him away from her.

Here's the best news for any romantics out there - natalee and fellow valleys co-star anthony are still very much a thing three years later.

Is natalee and anthony from the valleys still together

Nat's New Man - The Valleys, Season 2 | MTV

Nat's Back. So the house head out for a hedonistic night of booze and bad behaviour. But she has eyes for someone, and it's not ...

This is the first series to feature twins anthony and jason suminski after they replaced aron williams, who announced his departure from the series in april 2013.

Night, the group go for another night out together and it all ends up with more arguments for natalee and chidgey as he mentions kissing carley.

Jenna and anthony also get closer during the night out, and get even closer when they return to the house.

Natalee and chidgey call a truce on the night out but it soon turns to bickering again when her asks if he can try and pull carley.

Ak then chooses jenna to be the bride and natalee to be the bridesmaid watching chidgey and jenna kiss in front of her.

Natalee and anthony still dating

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Although she's found love elsewhere, carley and chidgey are still pretty close by the looks of things - they tweeted each other just a couple of days ago.

What is clear is that she's seriously loved up and in a happy relationship, still loves a night out with the girls, and seems to have downsized her hair a little bit which is probably for the best.

The girls go to london for jenna's photoshoot for nuts, and carley's jealous of natalee's sudden friendship with jenna.

Liam tells natalee about carley and chidgey's kiss and she has no choice but to confront carley about it.

/ mtvhaving originally planned on becoming a world famous model, natalee has now switched ambitions and focuses on her status as a self-made girl boss instead.

Natalie and anthony the valleys dating

Look Who's Back! - The Valleys, Season 2 | MTV

Nat's certainly still unhinged, especially with Chidgey related matters. But a welcome return from someone lifts everyones spirits, ...

Take a look at where the cast of the valleys are these days, shall we?

Chris pratt and john krasinski honor memorial day by taking on the murph challenge fitness test together in the uk.

Jordan has no choice but to step in the next day and encourage carley and liam to work together as djs, but it only adds fuel to the fire and starts more arguments.

When everyone realises carley is gone, natalee and chidgey pin the blame on each other.

, chidgey, jenna, lateysha, liam and nicole return to the house and are joined by twins, anthony and jason who immediately cause carnage.

Natalee harris and anthony dating

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The Valley kids have got another surprise. A new housemate. She's brunette, busty, beautiful and is well acquainted with one of ...

/ mtvwith valleys highlights including posing with dead fish on a beach for her modelling shoots, jenna worked for a couple of years doing glamour shoots, running a fashion lineand doing personal appearances as a reality celeb.

Natalee then moves onto anthony and tells him that they need to stay away from each other to avoid getting hurt.

Natalee decides to put on a brave face for carley but is clearly hurt by her actions.

/ mtvof all the valleys bunch, liam has surely had the biggest glo up of them all.

Most importantly of all, 2012 saw the the first ever episode of the valleysbroadcast on mtv.

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Chidgey and Natalee have been flirting all day and night. Why not rekindle their love? Be sure to watch The Valleys, MTV's ...

On a girls night in, jenna tells natalee about carley and chidgey's "kiss" but carley overhears and swears it isn't true.

They all return to the house to find a letter from carley and natalee's left angry when carley calls chidgey her best friend.

With the whole house shocked at carley's departure, natalee continues to get close to anthony but he's worried that it will affect his friendship with chidgey.

Natalee decides to turn to anthony for support and they get together again, but carley decides to turn to the alcohol.

Third series of the valleys, a british television programme based in cardiff, wales was confirmed in july 2013 after cast member leeroy announced it on twitter.

Natalee Harris and Anthony The Valleys (Interview,Games and Banter)

This isnt really an interview its just random questions, games and banter and a bit of an interview :)

It was also announced that the valleys club branded nights "valleywood nights" would be going on tour to various locations around the uk and ireland including liverpool, bristol and dublin.

Second series of the valleys, a british television programme based in cardiff, wales, began airing on 23 april 2013 on mtv with a special episode featuring the best bits from the first series.

' plus-size model ashley graham admits she still feels shy about unveiling her famous curves in a bikini.

Jason accidentally tells natalee that anthony recently cheated on her in australia leaving her doubting their relationship.

Jenna's mum visits and natalee tells her about jenna getting with jason, so her and the twins fool her by swapping the twins around and discussing the situation.

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