Is okcupid the best dating site

You need to complete your basic info on the mobile app before you can use the desktop site.

And rather unchanged, okcupid has not decreased in popularity even as new dating apps hit the market every month, which only goes to show the effectiveness in the sites simplicity.

I began to do some digging and saw that the guy had ads posted on several sites on the internet, posting for sexual contact with other males.

So far im feeling stoked i went for two sites instead of 1 as im definitely getting attention which i was worried i wouldnt.

Is okcupid a good dating site

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Review is not a bad comment , or good its an okay opinion ,,I like the site , the problem is you don't have a lot of potential matches , and the system no sound for notifications .

Took my mates advice and signed up to a few extra sites as used to only have a wejustfit membership.

Come when you meet someone and they ask for your email address and then they suddenly disappear from the okcupid site?

I did meet someone who i visited and came to visit me, but had his own issues to resolve with ex-wife.

Is okcupid a dating site

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I met the love of my life 3 day after signing up, he messaged me and we starting dating right away.

This site is full of scammers in my opinion, possibly run by scammers as a tight ship.

Drawback:in the online dating world, with free sites come users who dont take the site seriously.

Than these gliches , okcupid does have the meeting of people that otherwise you wouldn't see .

Is okcupid the best dating site

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My opinion you won't meet as many people as on sites like mingle2day and match and honestly i haven't met anyone from okc so far.

Don't get me wrong i have no problem dating outside of my race and i do.

Encountered a lot of scammers on this site (were madly in love with me without knowing me, obviously not real people, were deleted from the site soon), but when i reported a real person who was also a liar (claimed to be divorced when he was still married, claimed to be a financial success when he was dependent on his wife, lied about numerous other things), they refused to look at my evidence and kept him on the site where he could prey on other women.

On the one hand, i've met several women from the site, and am grateful for that.

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Recognizable in the cluster of online dating sites, is okcupid, the site thats often the first experience users have with online dating.

?yesnocarla of crystal city, mo on may 1, 2017satisfaction ratingi was going on this website to find me a soul mate.

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Again using two sites gives you not just variety but a long number of options. Review : Watch This Review Learn If Is A Scam Or Legit

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?yesnotony of moorpark, ca on april 22, 2017satisfaction ratingi was on the site for about 3 months and made some contacts then suddenly started getting error messages and found out my account was suspended but for no reason.

Sure some wont get back to me but both sites seem to have new faces popping up quite a lot so ive got my fingers crossed that these two sites will be the golden combo and cupids arrow (cheesy i know) is already pointing in my direction!

Sitejabber you'll find reviews of all sorts: praise for great businesses, complaints, scams, fraud reports.

The largest appeal of okcupid, beyond its massive user base and trusted name, is the match compatibility feature that is ingrained in the match discovery process.

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As far as the dating criterias i think the site does a pretty good job identifying different types of sexual orientations you may be looking for.

Though ive got an impression that there are lots of scammers on okcupid well, seems like all the dating sites suffer from them.

As another transparency feature, the site keeps track of both the profiles you view and those who have viewed your profile, although there is an option to browse anonymously by purchasing a membership.

Is overall known as a free site, although you may purchase a membership for some advanced features, such as private browsing.

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