Isotope methods for dating old groundwater iaea

Also introduced a completely new set of tracers into the groundwater work of csiro and australia: the radioactive noble gas isotopes 85kr, 39ar and 81kr.

Isotope methods for dating old groundwater iaea

Investigating the age of water

Carbon-14 is one of a number of isotopic techniques used to date the age of water. In this animation we explain how researchers ...

In a cooperation with university of adelaide (institute for photonics and advanced sensing - ipas) we successfully applied for a lief grant to develop an atom trap trace analysis system (atta), and in this cooperation we will soon be the third laboratory on the planet to measure 39ar and 81kr and to apply these new tools to supply australia with sustainable groundwater development.

Groundwater Age Dating

Physicist Craig Aalseth explains how capabilities developed for national security applications are being applied to date ...

Was involved in:Sediment dating using gamma spectrometry of 210pb, 214pb, 214bi, 137cs; radiocarbon dating using gas proportional counters for 14c; isotope hydrology using tritium and including electrolytic isotope enrichment as well as stable isotope (18o, 2h) mass spectrometry.

Nuclear technology for water crisis

We are a team with two nuclear engineering students, and a student who's studying media communication. This video is for “WNU ...

The isotope hydrology laboratory of iaea he built and managed a new and fully automated noble gas system measuring all noble gases (he, ne, ar, kr, xe) in groundwater.

"dating", recharge, groundwater mixing, saline groundwater, nitrate and pesticide contamination studies in groundwater, multi-tracer applications in groundwater.

The system is fully automated and adapted to deal with specific problems in australian groundwater - like high concentrations of methane and helium.

Phd axel started laboratory management in geochronology and isotope hydrology at the leibniz institute for applied geophysics (at that time: "geowissenschaftliche gemeinschaftsaufgaben") in hannover, and he returned to this laboratory after his time at the iaea.