Kiesha from xscape on pregnant and dating

, and here's a bonus: one of the women in the cast, keisha, is a former member of the r&b group xscape, making her the fifth person in the revolving lineup to appear on a reality show.

Kiesha pregnant and dating baby father

Pregnant & Dating: Nate's Surprise

In a show of support, Nate brings Kiesha baby shopping.

-pregnant beyonc exhibits her growing baby bump as she showers daughter blue ivy with affection ahead of birth of twins.

Pregnant and dating kiesha miles

Pregnant & Dating: Guys, I'm Pregnant.

Keisha breaks the big news to her friends first.

40-year-old grammy winner - who used to be in the girlgroup xscape - proudly showcased her growing bump beside the christmas tree.

Kiesha from xscape on pregnant and dating

'Pregnant and Dating' Stars Talk Motherhood

The stars of 'Pregnant and Dating' clear up misconceptions about dating while pregnant and discuss their new lives as mothers.

& datingabout the love lives of single pregnant womensounds like one of the fake reality shows that are part of pbs' marketing campaign about the horrible state of tv today.

Pregnant & Dating: Placenta Questions

Keisha plans on potentially having a water birth, and "questions" are coming up.

)sponsoredthat being said, having been a pregnant woman myself, it's hard for me to imagine wanting to get to know a new person on a first date while i was going through so many physical and emotional changes and preparing for the biggest transition of my life.

Kiesha "Babi" Miles talks Motherhood

Kiesha at home with the fam, and doing Be 100 radio interview...

)the idea of pregnant women being peoplewho are physically attractive with normal desiresinstead of just asexual baby-growing pods is an interesting topic, even if it was already tackled in the eighth season of friends.

#Bernice Burgos FIGHT with Tameka TINY Harris of #Xscape over husband #TI! Music shade!

Bernice Burgos FIGHT with Tameka TINY Harris of Xscape over husband T.I.! Music shade, cheating insinuations and more!

From we's website:advertisementtraditionally, love is followed by marriage and then along comes motherhood, but in this fresh new original series, viewers join these fearless five as they experience the modern day dating game with a baby on board.