My best friend is dating another guy

I have just had my heart broken from someone who i considered to be my good/best friend.

!You say youre not physical with your male friends, which means youre intentionally trying to keep some distance, so how does that make any of those guys your best friend?

If it never does come together, youll have a friend for life who can tell your boyfriend/husband how to get his act together.

Dont have any problems with having guy friends and im 23 and ive loved having them there for me more than i love having friends that are girls because girls are just drama.

When we first started dating me she assured me that she didn't see this guy that way and that he didn't see her that way.

And being honest has never hurt my friendship with any of them, and ive told all three of them negative things about a boyfriend of theirs at one point or another (i recall saying one was an ass, one a douche, and another a piece of shit).

Your friends urge to feel better about himself may even convince him to create scenarios to mess your relationship further, if only to make himself appear like the better man.

Guy and girls sure can be best friends but its really naive if one think you can be best friends for life cause eventually someday sooner or later either of you is going to start feeling the other way and then there is no coming back.

Seems a shame that 90% of folks cant understand that people can actually have close friendships regardless of gender.

My best friend is dating my best guy friend

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Ive had it where ive hung out with their boyfriends on my own volition because ive enjoyed their company, just invited them over when my female friend was coming because i was more of friendly acquaintances with their boyfriend, and where ive only invited them over because its courteous (and where i dont like them).

Heart breaks when you hear your best friend cracking an inside joke with another girl.

I barely managed to push him away and call another girl friend to pick me up.

With these girls id listen to them complain about their boyfriends but i never took sides.

.i have met them but not hang out until 2years ago i started getting to know his friends and unexpectedly i started developing feelings for his (my boeta) best guy friend and so did he but we never confronted each other i didnt want to because i didnt want to complicate things.

No guy can ever have a happy and insecurity-free relationship with a girl who has a guy best friend.

But no guy, and i mean no guy, can ever look at a sexy girl and only wish to be a friend.

All know that, on some level, we get a little stressed out when our girlfriend is hanging out with a handsome guy.

That is what society needs to understand in order for this friendship to even exist.

My best friend is dating another guy

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Anyways one day he told me he has mix feelings for me i did also but then we ended up dating it was amazing perfect relationship but yes he got mad at me for not stopping to talk to my other bff anyways since then we talk everymonth no matter what we say dont ever wanna know shit about you and he ends up talking again & now he calls me sister & tells me everything .

And i play video games, i like hanging out on the couch and playing them with or without friends and , honestly, i always preferred the company of my guy friends better than any of my female friends.

As a matter of fact, the majority of friends i have ever made were women and if you want to talk about the people who are close enough to be considered actual friends and not just acquaintances you could say that all of my best friends were women.

He even dared to say this on my face that he hates my boyfriend bcoz he won my heart yet he played it n hurted me so much i was so surprised but iresisted my self from showing it for now we are back n ireally dont want him to know anythng abaut this buh the question is!

Ive had a lot of guy friends, and somehow or the other, i find out at some point that theyve had a crush on me.

Your family and friends are actually becoming somewhat concerned that you arent even trying to find a life partner because your bestie is all you need.

Im much more comfortable if it was like a group of girls than if his best friend was a girl.

He saw what was going on, and he approached it in the best way possible.

, just recently, i had a bad break up with my now ex-boyfriend because i was doing nothing but taking care of him for the past four years.


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His brother and my bestie seemed to pull it off effortlessly and though they still have an attraction between them, have managed to go on to have real feelings for other people and remain platonic/flirtatious friends.

Glad to see there are male/female relationships out there based on nothing more than solid friendship, beers at the pub and comradery.

And the sneaky part here, your guy best friend may actually start liking the attention hes getting out of the complication.

If there are more and more people engaging in these platonic opposite-sex friendships, it sounds like the world is evolving and you are the one trying to mess with it.

And vice versa is a dude going to split his time evenly with his female best friend and his wife?

You may love to hold your guy best friends hands or cuddle in now and then while watching a movie on the couch.

Or maybe its because i make it clear that our friendship is truly important to me and that im not going to terminate it because of any extra feelings that i have.

It is the ultimate prize in life is to get a asexual male friend someone.

, years pass, college passes, and we still end up being really close flirty friends who have never physically done anything, even kiss.

Believe that when a person has a best friend thats the opposite sex before dating a partner isnt a problem.

Guy best friends being trouble, i think theyre more trouble for a girls boyfriend that the girl herself.

Dont need clarification of whom your best friend is referring to when shes filling you in on all the family gossip.

Had a guy best friend since i was in elementary school we are very close and we have been through a lot of things together.

. why do you think guys are threatened by a girl having guy friends and vice versa?

Well, since i also have a good gay friend who would do random physical stuff with me, like touch my breasts (anyone that has gay guy friends knows how that is, most of the time anyhow) so this straight guy would join in on it.

?So me and this guy has been close friends for like 6 years no feelings have ever come from my side i hope the same from him we were like brother and sister we called each other boeta and sis even his family called me lil sis and vice versa.

You may have found yourself a guy best friend, but in all probability, you could have just found a guy whos either too timid or confused with his intentions.

Its not because i hate them or anything, but when i have a depressing day and i want to vent about either the guy im trying to date or im having personal problems of some sort, i always go to one of my three guy best friends because i feel more comfortable talking with them about that stuff.

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Ever since then, weve been talking about it we were like if we should try dating.

If you have had close male friends in your lifetime, and none of them were attracted to you at any point in time, well, they probably didnt find you attractive enough.

I think the best way to remember your limits always when youre with him and distant yourself, then the friendship will remain while you will not be constrained by finding a boy friend or man of your life.

Have almost always had more guy friends than girl friends, which i attribute to my complete inability to have any interest in gossip and girly things.

She basically just said: my guy friend is more important to me and always will be, so take second place buddy!

I had met this guy who i was very attracted to and we became friends and then my friends and his friends became friends and we hooked-up a few times.

Be fair, as a guy having a platonic friendship with a girl, she and i have been talking about this subject openly.

My general philosophy towards opposite sex best friends has been 1) friendship comes first, 2) treat them in the same manner i would a guy friend of equal standing, 3) if i end up liking them and nothings going to come of it, just move on, 4) never do anything when drunk that wouldnt happen when sober, and 5) just be honest, as i would with any other friendship.

My best friend is a guy and him and my ex ended up close friends too.

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Guy and girl best friends dont ever work out the way you want them to, my boy best friend has a girlfriend and it kills me.

I think its super clich to be in love with your best friend so ive tried to steer away from that but id be lying if i said i dont compare guys i date to him.

He is very dear to me, truly the best friend i have ever had and i would not give him up for the world.

Male best friend does not have a real position as a brother, friend, or a boyfriend, rather he is a mix of all three.

I kinda want to move out of a friend zone yet i love the fact for having eachother sharing secrets and all the lil details in daily bases!

Now mind you, this was a close circle of friends and not a 1:1 close friendship.

If your boyfriend had a smoking hot friend named alexis, you would surely experience jealousy as well.

I think if you care about your relationship and you have a lot of friends of the opposite sex the best thing to do is to have them spend time together so they can see theres nothing to worry about.

He even admitted once that he sexually get aroused when he talks with me, but my question was hey im your good friend how come?

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