My ex is dating another guy i want her back

Recently lost, my girl it was my fault i got hooked up in internet adiction, porn sites and dating sites, she read my corespondance to the other women and even contacted them to see if we had met up.

Don't worry, I'm going to show you how to get your ex girlfriend back for good using my PROVEN methods.

Either way, shes not getting what she wants out of the deal so shes cut you off.

Of my best friends, a girl (who my ex hated simply because she had a vagina - that's another thing, she was insanely jealous, still is) said something that stuck with me: her life with the new guy probably isn't as glamorous as she makes it out to be.

I would text her amazing words but when she would see me i couldnt back thenlm up or say them in person.

. i started texting her nasty things well i was drunk now i regret everything ive done on that day and she called the next day after that saying she doesnt like me anymore and shes never coming back.

. after about 3 days she came back to me saying she was sorry and she loves me and wants me back.

Guess what is uneasy for me is the sheer idea that getting an ex back is possible because its not so much wanting an ex back as it is wanting an experience, or feeling back and associating that feeling with that person.

I do love the girl and im attempting to get her back by going to her school which is an hour away and serenading her wih a guitar right on campus haha.

My ex is dating another guy i want her back

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back From Another Guy

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The first day she texted me back a few times but then she either changed her number or just let her minutes run out (prepaid).

Me sum it up for you pretty simply: she wants to have her cake and eat it too.

Too just ended a relationship that was 3 years old, and the ex-girlfriend does not want me seeing the ex-wife that preceded her.

What do you do when you wrote her a letter and left it one her doorstep, and she emailed you that same afternoon threatening with calling the police if you ever showed up anywhere near her property again, and then asks you what part of i never want to see or hear from you again dont you get!

To get her back, you have to work out what kind of man shes looking for.

If you can be the kind of man that makes her feel the way she wants to, then it wont matter what shes said in the past.

Its about growing into the person you want to be, or changing bad behaviors, so that you can live a happy and fulfilling life in all aspects.

Told me he did not want to break up but she had been too moody and unhappy.

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My girlfriend is dating another guy what should i do

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Them when they go down the street is fine when you know theyll be walking back in with eggs and milk in half an hour.

To do a job for some cash i then wanted to move back in with her.

I am a little surprised: you think that a man should be what he really is; so, why, when it comes to get an ex back, do you suggest to become another man?

About a half hour goes by and she text me back that she misses me and said that she was getting a cab to come over.

Want you to know that there are some items i need to buy to proceed to cast the spell so that your problem will be solved ok.

Note: i realise this is a spam comment from some scammer, but it was just so good and so detailed that i wanted to share it with the world and publish it.

Thought you were the kind of man she wanted to be with, you showed her so much potential, and then you let her down.

We lived together for a year and a half, then she decided to go back to school, about 60 minutes away from me (i graduated years ago).

She keep saying no more feeling with girl, what can i do to get her back again coz i too love her.

How to Get Your Ex Back When She Is Dating Someone Else

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Sulk the moment you accept your defeat, is the moment you will never get her back, so stay positive and know that youre going to get her back in time.

On the night you meet her and youve both been drinking, you can be a little more sexual and flirty then you can drop in a get back together line what do you think about us seeing each other again?

2: work out if being that kind of man will allow you to be free, happy, and fulfilled, regardless of whether or not she wants you back.

It's like being married and your wife suddenly says she wants to take a break, then immediately starts fucking a random guy.

Played it cool for two days and told her i was back to get back together.

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We yelled to each other, and she hits and kicks me like crazy and i lose my temper back then.

This is not to say i do not want said connections, just that i do not need those connections.

If not say something chill like well i just want you to know that i had fun while it lasted.

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When she gave me back my stuff she got in her car but disnt leave right away its ike she waiting for 10 sec .

Are from the same home city though work in different cities he shall be going back to home city for some work in september and october.

You really don't want this girl, and if she's demeaned and cucked you in this way, she really deserves a few hard feelings just to force emotional maturity on her part.

Since then by txt it has got totally out of hand where the friends have said things and she has taken what ive said wrong, now she wants me to leave her alone as she thinks its not normal turning up the way i did and she is scared i will turn up again which i has said i wont.

I was okay with it and trying to start to move on but then she texted me and said i hope that this break up wont be a permanent thing and that i hope someday soon we can get back togetheri have no clue what to do but i would like to get back togethersince she was the only girl i actually readily liked.

If youre just pretending, faking, messing with her head, and being someone youre not to try and get her to like you, youll never be able to give her what she wants because youll have nothing to give.

She broke up with me, started dating someone else, then freaked out and said it's too hard to talk to me when i did the same.

I made a lot of mistakes after the breakup, begging to come back to her, argued a couple times, freaked about her dating.

She wasnt home so went in her friends shop to see if they knew what time she would be back who then told her i was in the village, with that i received a txt saying is this true and why was i about and to go as she didnt want me at the house when she returned.

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With a text: sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonderbut other times, it causes that heart to seek out another man.

If you want to spend the rest of your life sad bexause you lost her, than go ahead.

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Am i crazy for thinking its not over and trying every opportunity i get to get her back and persuade her.

Left me in 2011 and came back to me in 2012 afta i have callin her and not answering my calls for a year then she left again for a year 2013 around march and came back to me this year 2014she started calling me on the 28 of february this year and i was shocked and confused about that.

We just broke up 2 1/2 weeks ago and were still talking but, she seeing another dude, who was a shoulder to cry on when she thought that i didnt love her anymore.

My gf mentioned to break up due to another man and no more feeling with me, ive stopped this action taken as i cant take it!

But i can tell that she does still love me, and i want my fuckin girl back.

How do i get her to speak to me again even though she doesnt want to, i need her, please help!

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When i tell you, if she's for real, or meant to be, then after awhile of being seperated and you talk to her again, you will want to be with her again.

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Now i am dating other girls, but i think i am still in love with her.

I know my girlfriend left me for pressuring her of wanting to hang out more when she was busy with school but i have an explanation for my behaviorsoo me and my girl friend where going to be 1 year in may 8th of 2014 but she broke up with me may 4th :,( im not going to lie i would get mad at my girlfriend but its only cuz i wanted to talk to her moretry to understand that i started going out with her my junior year with 2 months of school left and then i got use to seeing her everyday and hanging out with her nearly everydayso once school started , it was hard for me to make that transition of not seeing/hanging out with her so i would finish my hwk and work hard so i could talk to her yet sometimes she would procrastinate so most of the time she called to say goodnight and i just felt bad cuz i really love this girl and wanted to talk to her .

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. she left me a month ago and still wears the necklace i bought her and she wont give me the ring back because she says i bought it for her so its hers.

She was a year older, so i kinda always looked to her for guidance (which was stupid) but after i seperated myself from her, i learned how to be mature myself, then going back, realized how stupid she was, and that she was just a bitch.

History, or not, i'd bail and let her figure out if she wants to grow up and be an adult.

I had left my house with my boy and her there and one thing led to another and they ended up hanging out afterward and having a kid.

I Dumped My Ex-Boyfriend For Another Guy. How Do I Get My Ex Back?

She known this guy for 2 years but she broke it off for another guy. She's now trying to get back with him, but he doesn't trust her ...