My mom is dating a vampire cast

I'm sure everything around him reminds him of bonnie, and elena's always wanted to protect him from vampire drama.

It was essentially a replay of when jeremy cut his wrist on purpose in front of anna to make her reveal she was a vampire.

Carradine steps on a piece of rock in mom's got a date with a vampire.

He then tells her he will take her up on her offer of hot hybrid vampire sex.

Daddy issues, a new werewolf in town investigating mason lockwood's death, jules, reveals to tyler that stefan and damon salvatore are vampires as well and that they are responsible for mason's death.

She's also managed to hold on her own against much older vampires such as damon salvatore, and lorenzo.

" says katherine confused (it was the vampire trapping spell bonnie cast over the room earlier as planned).

They bonded and started dating each other, even though she knew matt was still in love with elena.

Cast the spell on the ring, but caroline indicated that she was expecting incantations and the other attributes of spell casting.

Stefan with gallows humor explained that becoming a vampire skips over being a serial killer.

My mom is dating a vampire cast

Halloween 2007 - Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire Promo

This is a promo for the Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire on Disney Channel.

The three then reveal their past to the gang, caroline isn't interested in their story and she wants all to focus on the dinner, making sarcastic comments.

She's not gonna want to live out the rest of her life as a vampire in excruciating pain.

Is one of the first characters in the series to be drained of blood by vampire damon.

She sarcastically thanks him for coming as he really didn't , but then says that she don't really cares about that either.

Caroline also managed to use dream manipulation, a high form of telepathy (a skill that usually requires practice and learning to achieve) on the first try, while she was less then five years old as a vampire.

Explains to her that with her immortality as a vampire she is free but caroline disagrees, stating that she is dying instead.

Maxfield) " we're draining vervain blood out of your system so i can compel you to forget that elena and i are vampires.

Alaric snaps and finally tells caroline that once he has his girls back, hes taking them away from her and far from this life; that she is a vampire and she attracts darkness.

You can play fantasy land all you want, but in this life, the one where you're a vampire, you'll always be settling, and it's just so sad.

However, matt tells her that he would rather go up in flames along with mystic falls, that becoming a vampire is a death sentence all the same and pours out the drink.

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Later, caroline reaches ivy's location but is shocked to see the vampire hunter tripp vervaining and capturing ivy.

The coffee house, enzo is telling to sarah that he is a vampire when caroline appears behind them and interrupts their conversation, she asks enzo who is the girl and sara says her name, caroline is about to say that sarah is stefan's grand-niece but enzo interrupts her and compels sarah to go for a drink to the bar, sarah leaves.

Caroline was introduced, her style has changed drastically, seemingly since her transition into a vampire.

Colin says that he can't die, pulls the bar from his chest and drops it on the floor, he ask why he can't die, stefan tried to calm him down but colin is desperate, caroline says to him that they will help to him and colin runs with vampire speed over caroline and grabs her arms, he ask to her to help him to die.

:(elena and bonnie) " and given that mine went radio silent after he kissed me, and yours was last seen at a tea party for a vampire-hating secret society.

Caroline is shocked that her mother knows about her and asks what she said, but matt admits that sheriff forbes will probably always hate vampires.

As sarah didn't care when enzo told her that he is a vampire, caroline realizes that stefan compelled sarah to don't care about anything that has to do with vampires.

Caroline didn't say anything and he said she prefers the girl who is now: strong, ageless, fearless vampire.

As a young vampire, caroline showcased tactical strength when fighting the tomb vampires, all of whom were at least 150+ years older than her at that time.

Casting call was: 17 years old, a beautiful but slightly manufactured-looking queen bee type, she is friends - and rivals - with elena.

Halloween 2007 - Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire Movie Intro

This is the movie intro for Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire hosted by the cast of Wizards of Waverly Place.

Is the first vampire turned by damon to have turned others into vampires indirectly with her blood.

Goes to leave the lockwood house, but caroline blocks her exit way since matt sent a message asking for her help, matt doesn't remember anything and caroline realizes that he is being compelled by nadia, nadia confirms this and caroline uses her vampire speed out and pushes nadia up against the wall, choking her but nadia fights back, forcing caroline against the wall instead, suddenly, tyler comes into the house and pulls nadia off from caroline.

And unlike the vampires on both shows, caroline can also use a gun - which most vampires are rarely seen doing.

Caroline is the vampire with the fewest attacks on humans in the series, and always has great control with her bloodlust and has been rated as the best vampire among them.

Beula forbes is a female character and a supporting character of the vampire diaries novel series.

Prior to her transition into a vampire, she was known for her insecurities, which caused her to be excessively competitive, mainly with elena.

Caroline is currently trying to save bonnie from a lifelong misery of being forced to hunt vampires.

Stefan was told by elena that it was a full moon and that a werewolf bite could be fatal to vampires.

But klaus keeps following her, he tells her that he has returned about the news about katherine but caroline isn't interested in the conversation because she has to keep looking for matt and moves away with her vampire speed but klaus returns to follow her.

They share a fleeting moment looking at each other both slightly smiling, then matt gets a bit down cast and follows his friends.

After lexi branson, she is the only other vampire shown to cast realistic illusions on individual people (the only exception to this is silas, who as an immortal possessed far superior psychic capabilities).

She couldn't understand why, if stefan would do anything to save elena, even take the cure himself so he could grow old and die with her, they were still vampires.

Is unusually strong for a vampire her age, being able to take down mason lockwood, a werewolf of considerable size and strength, with minimal to no difficulty at all.

Maybe it's because i thought you worth having a thing for, because when i woke up as a vampire you told me that i would get through it and i did, because when i watched elena move on with your brother i couldn't imagine why she would let anyone like you go, because you were practically my best friend, because i trusted you.

However, at her first day as vampire, while she was still a new-born, caroline managed to compel one of her nurses to do her bidding, a thing that is very rare among new vampires, as mind compulsion is an ability a new vampire needs to be taught (either by an older vampire, or with time).

The last day, she and matt seem to be doing okay, with matt getting more used to caroline being a vampire and thinking she is still the same.

Damon and stefan are going over with alaric the various weaponry that humans uses to kill vampires including crossbows and stakes that use a dispenser like device that puts a stake in the hands from a magazine attached to the wrist and under the sleeves of a shirt or jacket.

Elizabeth[1] forbes is a vampire and one of the main female characters on the vampire diaries.

Were you seriously about to dump your vampire ex-girlfriend onto my lap, and then just skip town?

On the morning, stefan arrives to caroline's house and aks to her what's happening, caroline show to colin lying in the couch, they then discover that colin is now a vampire and that's mean that colin died after caroline gave him her blood.

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Elizabeth Forbes is a vampire and one of the main female characters on The Vampire.

She asks about her mum some more, but matt admits that caroline finds out her mom knows she's a vampire he doesn't think she knows what to do about caroline.

Tyler is shocked that caroline is a caroline and tyler hug vampire and asks who else is like her, but she claims that she is the only one.

Is the only main character to not kill a vampire until season eight, when she temporarily killed stefan who was later revived apart of arcadius' deal.

She tells him that vampirism makes you stronger and that everything is heightened for vampires.

Matt, still a bit afraid of her, backs off a bit but asks her to tell him everything about vicki and vampires.

Lynette is supposedly in the trance, she can be seen blinking several times in the background while dimitri casts his spell on the kids.

Is left alone with the professor and after that she has drained all the vervain in his system starts to question him about the secret society, he says the society is called augustine, and how he became a member and that there is a vampire named augustine who actually killed megan, diane freeman then comes and caroline compels him to forget everything that happened and everything that he knows about elena and her, caroline then leaves the laboratory.

As a vampire in the later seasons, caroline's clothing choices change to a laid back, yet much more mature style; preferring to wear pale t-shirts, skinny jeans, high-boots; and the color isn't as bright and attracting as it once was.

Tries to distract elena from the fact that her boyfriend won't answer by dropping hints that a vampire/human relationship wouldn't work including telling her that stefan supposedly said to caroline that despite how he felt about elena every second he she was a temptation.

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Remains the only character of the main cast that has never died (and sent to the other side and has been resurrected) since her transition into a vampire.

Stefan was very caring towards people so that got magnified greatly, as an explanation that despite his vampire nature he cared enough for people not to hurt them.

Upon inspection, they realize that she has a bite mark on her neck; there is another vampire at whitmore college.

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She offers matt a blood orange margarita laced with her blood, a gesture to protect him and ensure his survival, even if it is as a vampire.

She is surprised by enzo who appears in the laboratory, he says her that he is there for the same reason that her are, he want the vampire-feeding virus out of their lives.

's new vampire nature added difficulty to her relationship with matt and this eventually causes them to break up despite their love for each other.

My name is caroline forbes and i am a good vampire and i just don't go around killing people!

He offers anyone in the group of two ordinary humans, a human who is a witch and three vampires including himself one last chance to back out and he will understand.

Maxfield thinks we're vampires, you know, threatened to expose us, told us to drop out.