Nurse bashed online dating

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Nurse bashed online dating

What's It REALLY Like To Date A Nurse?

In this skit, we show what I thought dating a nurse would be like, compared to how it really is. My expectation vs reality was ...

This is when you become so addicted to online dating that you never actually meet any of your online dates in person!

A nurse's response to nurse bashing on "The View"

My coworker and I made a quirky video to demonstrate the many hats (or stethoscopes) that nurses wear. This video was made in ...

Your resolution for 2014 is to find the love of your life but you are hesitant about dating.

Dating in Nursing School (Male Nurse Advice) Single? w/ Rachel P

Attention Male Nurses! In this video Nurse Murse tells you the reality of dating while in nursing school. Guys, should you date your ...

Anyone who has actually spent any time around a doctor knows that dating one is next to impossible.

Did The Women of The View Mock Nurses?

The fine ladies at The View decided to say some pretty terrible things about nurses. They specifically were talking about the Miss ...

Website touts: find someone to take care of your love life at single nurses dating.

25 Truths All Nurses Know

We have the BIGGEST bladders in the world… Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! ...

Things Nursing Students Don't Say

Ever wonder what Nursing Students are thinking? Well this won't help. Please give to the UNM College of Nursing Scholarship ...


Making mistakes as a nurse is a real thing. In this video, I open up about some of the mistakes that I have made as a nurse.