Oldest duggar daughter courting

It was reported that the pair was secretly courting last year but her cousin amy duggar dismissed the rumor saying jana hadnever met tebow.

.So what kind of guy would jana duggar like, should the right fellow come a-calling?

Janas cousin and co-star, amy duggar, 28, also added her own two cents about the dating rumors after star magazine published claims she was trying to steal the former athlete away.

Is the oldest duggar daughter courting

'Jill and Jessa: Counting On': Jana Duggar Opens Up About Meeting 'The One'

The 26-year-old reality star said she's looking for a 'hard-working' man with 'dirt under the nails.'

.Unfortunately, if the duggars are waiting to share some big news about jana on their reality show, fans may have to wait a while.

27 (along with her twin brother john-david), jana duggar is the oldest duggar daughter and either the second-oldest or third-oldest duggar child (depending on which of the twins was born first back on january 12, 1990).

& cultureentertainment jana duggar (second from left) with her sisters (left to right) joy, jill, jessa and jinger in season 8 of "19 kids and counting.

Oldest duggar daughter courting

Jana Duggar: Finally Courting After All These Years?!

For years, Duggar fans have speculated about the romantic prospects of the family's eldest daughter, the 27-year-old Jana.

But according to a february hollywood gossip report, janas dad, jim-bob duggar, is not at all pleased with his oldest daughters lack of a ring and is trying to attract suitors for her.

The meantime, feel free to occupy yourself by spreading that rumor that jana is courting tim tebow, former star of the nfl.

Stories "19 kids and counting" jill duggar shows off growing baby bump is '19 kids and counting' star jessa duggar pregnant?

Is the oldest duggar girl dating

JANA DUGGAR NOT dating Tim Tebow - See actual reason why rumor spread!

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Duggars have done nothing to deny the rumors that theyre putting jana out there in hopes of helping her find a suitor.

Above (from left) are jana, jinger duggar and their sisters jessa seewald (holding son spurgeon) and joy-anna duggar.

, of course, you can always watch counting on online over at tv fanatic to catch up on all the duggar dealings to date.

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She has never gotten to the courting phase with anyone, but she has spoken with interested men after church, an insider said.

Surprisingly, the duggarshave remained tight-lipped on the matter thus far, but that doesn't mean there's no truth to the rumors.

Years, duggar fans have speculated about the romantic prospects of the family's eldest daughter, the 27-year-old jana.

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, jana can frequently be seen on counting on back at the main duggar homestead, helping her parents care for her younger siblings, the youngest of whom are now elementary-school aged.

Online reported that zach, who stars on bringing up bates with his large family, wanted to court jana but when he asked her father he told him no because his daughter wasnt interested.

You believe that jana duggar is secretly courting and that her courtship is being hidden from the counting on cameras?

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Again, joy-anna duggar and austin forsyth managed to do just that, so the family does know how to stay quiet when advantageous.

Has been pursued by several guys, a insider reportedly close to the duggar family told the site.

And the rest of the duggar family are currently filming season 9 of 19 kids and counting.

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