One direction imagines he s dating your sister

You brought your cup of tea down to the smooth top of the wooden kitchenette you were sitting at before replying to your brothers call, im in the kitchen!

On the drive back michael held your hand, you started to smile and looked at him at the red light.

You looked down at your comforter, letting out a sigh, you have to promise you wont laugh or tell.

Your heart nearly leapt in your chest; you were so happy, but you frowned for your brother.

So lucky: gq's twitter account was subjected to a barrage of abuse thanks to its one direction cover.

No one is obviously someone because you just told me you were waiting for someone, your brother reasoned with a laugh.

One direction imagines he's dating your sister wattpad

Harry Styles Pauses Concert to Threaten His Sister’s Date

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As much as you didnt want to admit to him that you were jealous, you also felt the need to tell your sister the truth, but you just couldnt.

'we're not dating': harry has admitted that he is 'just friends' with nick grimshaw, despite being plagued by rumours that they are a couple.

Noi just wanted to trick you into telling me you had a crush on my best mate, he chuckled, sitting on the edge of your bed.

! no wonder why everyone calls you a fucking manwhore, you took advantage of my own sister!

I-i dont know what youre talking about, niall, you said, playing with the bottom of your plaid pajama shorts.

Ill kill that irishmanstealing my sisters heart, he vowed, pulling you into a hug only to be punched in the chest.

One direction imagines he's dating your sister

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On the way home for the weekend, your sister kept talking about ashton which made you slightly uncomfortable.

You said feeling a bit irritated that she was bringing up the big sister authority.

You roll your eyes at him and continued to drive until you reached your sisters house.

You were sitting on the couch, enjoying a bowl of popcorn and an episode of the simpsons, when your brother came into the house.

When you entered you greeted a few familiar faces your sister has introduced you to.

! victoria justice poses on the beach during mexico getaway as she celebrates sister's 21st birthday.

13 Reasons to Date Harry Styles

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Smile forced its way onto your lips as you read that message, and you quickly replied back.

Your confession ran through lukes mind the rest of the day, even if he was with (y/s/n), the only thing he could think about was you and your feelings.

You were planning to finish your snack before starting your homework, but your elder brother had other plans.

Come the boys: one direction fans are up in arms over their idols' new shoot and interview with gq.

Duchess of cornwall opens up as never before, saying: 'if you can't laugh at yourself, you may as well give up'.

Luke seemed unaffected of her charms and the only thing that occurred to him was the fact that he was so blind to your feelings, but you really did like him genuinely, while (y/s/n) never showed interest till now.

One Direction - Steal My Girl

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You rolled your eyes at him, crossing your arms over your chest as you moved your gaze to the empty street.

And then you cant even keep your dick in your pants for more than two minutes?

Requests are still open, by the way, and i wanted to pint out that the guy you have a crush on in each one is the guy who paid the most attention to you when you surprised your brother on tour in preference {12}.

You hung your head, unable to help the smile on your lips, and that was answer enough for harry.

I like a girl i could do nothing with so, (y/n) is my type of girl michael says and your sister is dead silent.

He is particularly sensitive to any of the boys dating her, having each member sign an unofficial contract that none of them are to act upon her.

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Maybe i could make you some tea and you can talk to me aboutwhatevers on your mind, okay?

You immediately sat back on your bum, pouting, why are you so mean to me?

You looked down at your lap, blushing, i kind offancy him, and i know my feelings will never be reciprocated.

You looked up from your book to see him leaning against your door, his head down.

Temporarily closed*you can still send in your request but it will not be done until i get the ones i received before finished so you might have to wait if that is okay :).

Now tell me what this is all about, you said, leaning back in your chair.

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Today was your older sisters birthday, and she kindly invited you to go to her party.

Harry screams back for the first time this morning,your sister is about to have a goddamn heart attack!

You struggled against his strength as he tried to get your phone out of your hands, but alas, he was stronger.

This is actually pretty cool :d[requested: yes](y/s/n)- your sisters namemichaelyou were going to visit your twin sister today and you were honestly really nervous since you were bringing michael along with you.

Ever since zayn got back from tour, on break, hes been spending most of his days at his flat in london, only visiting you and your parents on the weekends.

Once you got to the house, your sister was outside carrying boxes in and out of her new house.

The Little Sister [One Direction fanfiction] trailer

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