One direction preferences he s dating your best friend tumblr

The dining table, situated between the kitchen and living area,Immediately caught your attention with the multiple candles and dishes prepared.

It was like you were shopping for your baby, and zayn found himself growing fond of the idea.

, giving up on your work for now and opting to settle into the couch next.

Yes, he grinned, taking one of your hands in his and bringing it up to his lips, a baby.

A sweet giggle left your little girls throat as harry scooped her up, throwing her over his shoulder and out the door with a c'mon love!

His mouth was now against your neck, beginning to leave love bites, and with each mark he made, you let out a low moan, pressing yourself up against his body.

His hand stopped right above the junction of your legs, and his lips left your glowing skin.

You did as he asked, and the moment your gazes met, he inserted himself into you.

But we still have our whole lives ahead to do that, love, he frowned, taking your hand in his and giving it a squeeze.

One direction imagine he's dating your best friend wattpad

Harry Styles Reunites With Childhood Girlfriend At One Direction Show

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Groaned as you tried for the umpteenth time to start the motor of your car.

Once you reached the couch, you lied down and put your head in her lap.

When all of your clothes were on the floor, completely forgotten, he let out a content sigh, lowering his warm body on top of yours and entangling your legs in the process.

You angled your head up to look at him, your eyes leaving the enticing words on the pages in your hands.

The fresh meat, winking at your father, who let out a chortle at her statement.

I can do that; i can do slow, he said as his hand grazed across yours.

To amaze me with how incredibly sexy it is, i love your legs and i love your.

I know you follow your gut in every decision you make, but i cant take that chance.

: as you prepared to indulge in the best reality shows tv could offer, you were in interrupted by a knock on the door.

One direction preferences he's dating your best friend tumblr

Pranking Best Friend With One Direction Lyrics

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A sigh, you let your head fall onto the wheel, eliciting a loud horn from.

Actually the night you two had met, after youd gone with a friend of yours.

You were unsure of what to do and your sister could tell and she then says, im serious.

You and your husband have been trying for a month, now, to conceive, and the thought that tonight could finally be the time it happens made you anticipate what was to come that much more.

Besides, youre supposed to meet my parents like yourself, not some sort of cleaned up.

You both break away from the kiss, to see your sister standing infront of you guys.

He pressed another kiss to your shoulder while his hands trailed up your stomach to your chest, and you placed a hand on his cheek, guiding him to your lips.

Somehow, through the pleasure, you brought your hand down to the bulge in his taut, black briefs.

You were up all night, thinking seriously about having a baby, and within minutes, you realized your answer had been completely unwarranted.

I'm in best friend love with you.♥|Phan|

READ* I DON'T own the song! All credits to the-vashta-nerada from tumblr! Okay so what can i say? This song is PERFECT!

The way you act with himi justi cant help picturing a baby in your arms, he looked into your eyes with his teal ones.

That being said though, harry wanted to at least tell his best mates, knowing they wouldnt blab about it to anyone else until you and harry were comfortable with it.

You got home, thoughts jumbled and trying to come up with rational explanations,You immediately went over to your phone to call zayn.

You could barely contain your excitement and it was proving difficult not to just announce it everyone that looked your way.

Zayn left for tour that morning, and you and your mother-in-law had seen him off.

Zayn hasnt really brought up children, even while we were dating soyou two dont want any kids?

.You giggled and let go of him, taking a good look at him, before linking your hands.

I meani dont want you to do anything you dont feel ready for or he trailed off when he saw you shake your head, im ready, harry.

#11 - He Includes You in His Future Harry If there was one thing youd learned while dating Harry, it was that he didnt like feeling like a famous person.

Its so nice to meet you liam,Glad we finally get to meet you, your mother said excitedly, while your.

But you didnt even want to argue,You just wanted him to soothe over your insecurities, so you quickly shook your.

Niall rested his head in the crook of your neck, his lips against your ear, muttering sweet words and promises of love and family.

He let out a laugh at your compliment before leaning down to brush his lips against yours once again, youre cute.

You kissed him over your shoulder, moaning into his mouth as his hands slowly began to massage your breasts.

A small card fell into your hands, harry edward styles and avery rose johnson would like to invite you to their wedding, you read out loud.

You dont complain when he wants food from a place in terminal 5 and your flight is located in terminal 2, nor do you mind when he manages to snuggle up to you like a small child in the aircraft, draped over your lap and finally at ease as you read above him or lay your own head back against the seat with your fingers mindlessly running through his locks out of habit.

You hummed in response, your eyes moving from his own to his lips, yes he brought his mouth back to yours, licking your bottom lip to coerce you into letting him in.

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He tumbled as his hand covered yours, his ears still perked and listening to your other child playing in the snow.

Do if you were trying to hide yourself in his chest whilst he was supposed.

You were still in your pajamas but you were never one to care about appearance.

He brought both your hands to his lips, pressing a kiss to each of them before letting go, ill be in the bedroom, waiting for your answer, love.

. you sister looks at you both confused and says, together as in niall then interrupts, dating.

You smiled even harder when you heard her yell out at your dad, telling him that niall had asked.

You hadnt seen your parents in a while either,Apart from the off skype session, so it felt incredibly good to be back at your.

I hope it works this time he sighed against your lips before bringing his head down to your breast.

He leaned back on his knees, positioning his body over yours, but before thrusting into you, he pressed a kiss to your exposed abdomen for good luck.

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You pressed the phone closer to your ear trying to understand the entirety of the situation.

Every few seconds you would look down at the ring on your finger, moving your hand around so you could see it in every light possible.

Would ever know about the pang in your chest you felt when you realized liam wasnt.

Too beautiful you looked up at him, bringing your lips from his digits, do you want me to his eyes widened at what you were offering, but he knew it wasnt a good idea when the lads were literally in the same room as you two.

Your fathers face broke into a smile and he excitedly stood up to take a.

I thought- you then cut him off, you might be a father and im not going to take you away from your child, my niece or nephew.

Stood with him, and sure, you realized part of it was your own fault; but.

Youre wearing too much, love, you whispered, suddenly aware of your state of undress and the layers still on his body.

. by the time you reached the bottom of the stairs, anne was already sitting with your youngest child in a sunning chair, her sunnies low on her face as she watched her son struggle to get floaties on his daughters arms.

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