One tree hill haley and nathan first date

The ravens won the championship and the only person nathan wanted to celebrate with was haley.

One tree hill haley and nathan first date

Nathan and Haley's first date Part 1

The beginning of Nathan and Haley's date.

. lucas and karen scott's housethis was our first stop on our self-guided "tree hill" tour, and when we got here i was so excited i could hardly contain myself.

first date

there very first date Haley gets mad when Nathan tells Tim its not a date.

Uplog incredit: cameron ford pin itif you have fallen absolutely in love with the beautiful emotional roller coaster that is "one tree hill," you definitely have to visit wilmington, n.

Nathan and Haley's first date Part 2

Nathan and Haley's first date but Tim interrupts. "Dude Macaroni and Cheese is food of the gods"

And haley had several dates where they spent evenings walking alongside the river, and lucas also hung out at the riverwalk with brooke and peyton (but not at the same time, of course).

1x03 one tree hill moment naley nathan and haley first met near the lake teaching

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The tv show was filmed in wilmington from 2003 until 2011, and it's worth making the trip to wilmington (also known as tree hill) to see some of the filming locations in person.

They carry clothes over bros tees, keith scott body shop hoodies, nathan scott jerseys, tree hill ravens ball caps, you name it.

Nathan/Haley - "I'm right back at the first date..." [OTH]

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And as a "one tree hill" fan, it holds a very special place in your heart, so when you visit, make sure you visit these locations!

Sweetest Naley Moments - Season One - Part One

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