Online dating persuasive speech outline

Assessing the long-term effects of the safe dates program and a booster in preventing and reducing adolescent dating violence victimization and perpetration.

Persuasive speech on online dating

Persuasive speech "online dating"

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Research found reductions in sexual dating violence perpetration and victimization that continued through a four-year follow-up period.

Online dating persuasive speech outline

At the one-year follow-up in a study, the program showed positive effects on dating violence perpetration (including physical and sexual violence), but effects on sexual violence were not assessed.

Assessing the effects of the dating violence prevention program safe dates using random coefficient regression modeling.

A study found that green dot was associated with reductions in unwanted sexual victimization and sexual harassment, stalking, and dating violence victimization and perpetration on a college campus implementing the program compared to two comparison campuses without the intervention.

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Persuasive Speech on Online dating sites.

.Shifting boundaries is designed to reduce the incidence and prevalence of dating violence and sexual harassment among adolescents.

The school-wide intervention, however, was effective when implemented alone or in combination with the classroom instruction, with results showing reductions in sexual harassment, peer sexual violence perpetration and victimization, and dating sexual violence victimization after six months.

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