Our time dating site cost

I was on this site for 7 10 days, max, asked to get my money back; was denied and let them know i will be adding to their plethora of horrible reviews, which i am starting to do right now.

The our time website gains from all these inactive profiles though, as they can advertise that they are much bigger then they actually are.

. my son actually made me join, and he too was sadly disappointed when i told him about my experience on the site.

Dishonesty is easy on internet dating sites since youre taking the person at face value.

I now understand why only homeless, toothless and nasty men sign up, because no other site would have them!

You can never get your messages via your personal email account but only view them in their website.

That, a routine check of my bank account balance revealed a new membership extension charge from ourtime on june 30th.

Users can sign up for a free account on the site by filling out basic profile information and writing a short personal essay.

My passwordtried to cancel membership never emailed me my rest passwordcould not get back into website.

Our time dating site cost

OurTime.com reviews, Good or Bad Dating Site?

In my ourtime reviews we talk about the senior dating site ourtime.com. I tell you straight up the facts and figures about costs, ...

If you accept any services from an entity, or do not file against them in a timely manner you can lose your right to dispute the charge.

Why does this site feel the need to post others profiles on your site when they havent even looked at you?

Perhaps one of the drawbacks to this site is the ability to make an initial, cursory contact with anyone.

Joined and paid and waited and waited and waited and still 5 days later have no account and they took my money and there is only an other company people media to contact which can not help you, but match and outtime owns and runs christian , black love seek russian all the dating sites,, liars and theives, rip off with no way to contact.

Some strange coincidences on day 4 of my membership, i decided to read reviews of the site.

This web site sucks they steal money from people and when you want to know why?

However there comes a time when one has to stand up for what is right and identify a scam as a scam.

Ive met only 2 people on this site and never had a face to face date, i get messages when i get to the home page that i have a message from some one but when i clicked on it to read it, it says you have no messages .

No place on the site did it indicate that and i even read the small print.

It's our time dating website

OurTime.com Review - Online Dating

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Work in merchant disputes for a very large bank, and we process disputes against these people all the time.

Been an active user for half year, met some people, and for that its an ok dating website.

The site itself is very ugly made up like advertisements for articles in a supermarket.

I have found out this and most sites of this mature are mercilessly interconnected, and will not use the profits from our mistakes ( being misled, in ways most of us would not lower ourselves to) and use the profits to use competant i.

Yes, the concept of having a dating site for the over 50 gang sounded quite nice to me, but all it did was bring my self esteem to a low point instead of making me feel good about myself.

The site recognizes that your attitude and expectations towards dating in your 50s and beyond are likely to be significantly different to your attitude and expectations in your younger years and seeks to address this by focusing on your specific interests and desires.

I wish someone can come up with a dating website with integrity and truly interested in helping individuals.

, someone out there can develop a website for the over 60 set and delete all these parasites and have men and women who truly are looking for a relationship and have good characters?

Every time i sign in, they say wrong password and want my credit card information again.

How much does our time dating cost

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Is also possible that these people are all scammers and that our time is not doing an adequate job of protecting members from scammers.

The is no time indicator, so it is often awkward to find an unread message.

Obviously i am not going to rejoin the site and its been a few years since i was on.

Personally i feel this site is a big rip off, they are more interested in pop-ups then anything else, if you want to know if a person read you mail, you need to pay them.

Also the men who had taken the time to write to me, will never be able to get a decent answer, and may wrongly assume i did not care.

! there goes your money down the drain if you need any help other than their days and times.

My word people, stay as far away from this site as possible once you sign up for a one month look and delete their auto renew , you will be peppered with pop-ups that are misleading and all you need do is click on them and bang !

Back on my card the very next morning was notified another site pulled their subscription out of my account unauthorized.

All of these seem to be controlled by ourtime, and for me, the minimum age they select seems to be about 70 and from anywhere in this country.

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One year later, we are very much in love and we thank our time for getting us together.

I have a few messages and can estimate the type of people using the site, i certainly wont pay for a subscription.

Im sure that its pure coincidence that if you click on the blue, underlined link containing her name, it takes you directly to the ourtime website.

If things are not working it does not matter where our times is, a scam is a scam.

Also, i made sure that i did not use the our time site for the upgraded privileges.

There are several who dont post pics but will look at your pics numerous times w/o sending a message- they should just buy a magazine subscription!

What they find is a plethora of online dating sites that promise romance, true love and fun.

User had my profile removed and when i contacted our time and asked why they told me they could not see why it was removed and put it back.

Then when i sent an email to them objecting to their behavior, they denied it, saying that things i had done on the website had elicted these emails, which is totally false since i never flirted with anyone, added anyone to my favorites list, or participated in their im interested slide show.

To the world wide premier site for sing les and couples who want to date,find companionship or seek adult fun with like minded others.

Chat (which i do not like) is on each time you log in or refresh even if you turned it off.

Have found that most people i have contacted or have contacted me do not write back or their site is immediately removed.

Anyone who is over the age of 50 can join the site and connect with other seniors looking for love or companionship.

If there was a phrase stronger than utter disaster, our time and its crony sites would fit the proverbial shoe; they should wear it.

Over half the ladies that responded were sending personal emails or phone numbers and as the site says these people are scammers looking to pray upon you for money.

"the fact that you are paying a dating site creates a false sense of security that the site is going to protect you from being taken.

(im new at online dating, maybe they are all like this) i do not have a problem attracting men in real life, but this site is unnerving.

I met a wonderful man on this site 2 yes ago and we got married last month.

OurTime.com's Dr. Gail Saltz Vlog: Top 5 "Myths & Truths" about Online Dating for 50-Plus Singles

Even with countless singles joining online dating sites every day, many are still unsure about this method of meeting new people.

Im inclined to report them to the better business bureau, even if only for not monitoring their website more efficiently.

When the ip address of the scammer sending the email is interrogated more times than not they are not physically located in the us.

I canceled and immediately got pop-up messages pleading with me to re-up for a much lower cost.

Are too young to be on this site unless you are looking to be adopted!

Paid way too much money for a very disappointing experience with this site, thats for sure.

There were so many concerns in a few days time that i simply resigned, asked for my money back, was denied (as stated above) and am not putting the word out there my word my honest word.

I am glad to know my instincts were right i will not be wasting my time or money on ourtime or any other dating site.

Totally useless and unfortunately this was my first attempt to even look at a dating website.

Is a fast-growing dating site exclusively for singles aged 50 and up who are looking for deep relationships with other older singles.

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