Places to hook up in public

But from my experience and the experience of some others, i now present the ultimate how-to guide for having sex in public.

Places to hook up in public

Italy is a country of love, art, and pizza, so what better a place to have sex in public?

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That being said, if youre not already going sans underwear and theres a moment before your public sex gets going that you can slip away and remove your panties first, then do so.

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Dont do anything in public that you wouldnt want your grandmother to see, suggests the very girly lifestyle mogul lauren conrad.

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Better not; these public grounds are for the burial of human dead only, which means that if your lewdness doesnt get you stopped, your trespassing will.

Making out on, say, public transit may seem like an alright idea, but consider the poor commuter whos trapped beside you, frowning and trying to lean away from your slurping sounds.

Youre still unsure which public displays of affection are permitted, both socially and legally, just try to find the sweet spot between your comfort level and what your mom would be comfortable with.