Princess bubblegum and marceline used to date

She returns to the candy kingdom to take back her throne, to reclaim her purpose, while marceline sings the lullaby her mom made up for her when she was just a little girl, too afraid to sleep.

.That method of storytelling has served the writers well, especially when it comes to marceline.

Princess bubblegum and marceline used to date

Are They Gay? - Princess Bubblegum and Marceline (Bubbline)

A video series tackling the one question facing many same-sex couples throughout history: Are They Gay? In this episode we ...

Olivia olson, voice ofadventure times marceline the vampire queen, recently confirmed at a fan event that princess bubblegum and marceline totally dated.

On the cabin porch after their varmint triumph, bubblegum rests her head on marcelines shoulder and says, im crazy tired, marceline; i think i have been for a long time.

Adventure time princess bubblegum and marceline dating

All Bubbline Moments

All cute/funny Bubbline moments from Adventure Time. Sorry if I missed anything. I'll probably keep adding to this whenever new ...

Most recently, inthe graphic novel marceline and the scream queens, princess bubblegum goes on tour as a roadie for marcis band, and the two of them get closer than ever, with bonnibel finally responding to marcis jealous overtures by explaining how important marci is to her.

Have been rumors swirling around for years that the adventure time creative team has gone as close to the edge as cartoon network will allow them to go with pb and marceline.

Princess Bubblegum & Marceline's Bad Breakup? - Bubbline

Adventure Time is known for its' exploration of complex themes and yet there are still questions around some characters histories ...

Would also possibly add 514 simon & marcy (and maybe 701 bonnie & neddy) to the list, if only because they hint at princess bubblegums origins, and also hints at the first meeting between pb and marceline.

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Bubbline Confirmed

This answer is in response to a fan asking about Bubbline. Sorry for the vertical video.

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. marceline gets him in the end, sucks his soul with her heart which means, of course, that she turns back into a vampire.

Olivia Olson spills the beans on PB & Marceline

Enter the comments at your own risk. Unfortunate amount of homophobia in there* At a Barnes & Noble book-signing in Los ...

Actor olivia olson, who plays marceline, revealed at a recent book-signing for the adventure time encyclopedia, that yes indeed-y, marceline and princess bubblegum had a brief stint as a couple and this comes straight from creator pendleton ward himself.

The vampire king growsten times as strong as he was before marceline tried to stop him, and stomps off to destroy the entire world, pb and finn and jake are ready to take their adventure to the next level, but marcie finally gives into her despair and makes the depression metaphor literal.

Princess Bubblegum x Marceline - Shattered memories [Eng Sub] V2.0

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, the bucket of vampire sludge pb sucks out of marceline doesnt stay in its container; it morphs into an ether that summons all the vampires marceline killed back tothe mortal realm of ooo.

Always ask where you should start adventure time if you just want to just watch marceline and princess bubblegums love story, so heres a list of episodes/comic books for yall.

Marceline's Teddy Bear | Adventure Time | Cartoon Network

SUBSCRIBE: Marceline drags PB along on a mission to recover her old teddy bear, Hambo. Watch more ...