Rover and duji dating

An account with your social network:Hoppe is awkward, so Rover brought in 3 girls to let him speed date.

Rover and duji dating

Duji's Double Standard: She Says She Wants to Bang a 15-Year-Old

Imagine if one of the guys on the show said he thought a 15-year-old girl was hot and wanted to nail her. All hell would break ...

An account with your social network:Home of the syndicated radio show Rover's Morning Glory.

Dumb Starts to Cry During Argument with Duji

Dumb starts to cry as he and Duji argue about why they're no longer friends.

Duji wants to go on vacation with Rover and B2

Duji wants to go on vacation with her daughter...but also with Rover and his girlfriend.

Jeffrey Admits Thinking of Duji While Nailing Wife

Audio of Jeffrey's polygraph test has revealed another explosive secret - Jeffrey fantasizes about Duji while pumping away at Mary ...

Dumb and Duji fight again...who's to blame?

Dumb and Duji got into another blow-up. Who's to blame?

Is There Any Hope for This Woman? Duji Talks About Pooping Herself

Duji describes two recent incidents where she lost pucker power.