Sci fi speed dating new york comic con

-fi speed dating at new york comic con: geek love, a scandal and lots of convention photos.

Sci fi speed dating new york comic con

ELECTRIC SHOCK Cosplay Dating @ NY Comic-Con

Sci-Fi Speed Dating is a fan favorite at New York Comic-Con, but what if we introduced Khail's terrible dating advice and a shock ...

-fi speed dating was a hit for self-proclaimed geeks and nerds at new york comic con this year -- 200 people signed up and got real fictional.

Phoenix comic con sci fi speed dating

Nicki Hunter goes SciFi Speed Dating NYCC 2012

Nicki Hunter finds lonely hearts lookin for love on the New York Comic Con floor 2012.

Early morning and i descend the escalators into the depths of the javits center basement to try and finagle my way into a morning speed dating session.

Emerald city comic con sci fi speed dating

Geek Love: Ep. 1 - Brony Friend Zone (Alex)

Geek Love! Alex is a true geek among geeks. Still living with his parents, this 25-year-old, board game loving, brony classifies his ...

Luckily, its a numbers game and not nerd trivia that gets me into saturdays dating session.

Speed Dating Goes Sci-Fi at MegaCon!!!

All footage belongs to FOX NEWS.

Id gone speed dating only once before, at minneapolis comic con, and heard epic tales of the speed dating scene at nycc.

Sci-Fi Speed Dating at New Orleans Comic-Con: Doug Does

Join Doug MacCash as he third-wheels at a sci-fi speed dating event at the New Orleans Wizard World Comic-Con.

This year, ny minute dating handles the program, and its immediately clear that this is a different ballgame.

"we found out he was married," said a disheartened 22-year-old jessie sharcoff of new york.

New York Comic Con : Dating at Comic Con

James Flamez and Scott Rubens Interviews Female Cosplayers on dating guys at Comic Con. Facebook ...