Setting up airport express to existing network

Is an excellent article under the apple support area search- "wi-fi base stations: extending the range of your wireless network by adding additional wi-fi base stations".

As in the two examples above, the airport express would be either a wds remote or in client mode.

The airport utility on my macbook pro recognized the express and asked me if i wanted to use the express to extend my existing network.

So do i have to replace my extreme or can i use 2 express's instead which is a cheaper route.

-- you can extend a non-apple wifi network if you use 2 airport units, or an airport and a mac.

Setting up airport express to existing network

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I use other applications, like quicktime or windows media player, to send sound to airport express via airplay?

Plus you'd have to change any incumbent devices such as security systems, tv, etc to use the new network name.

The ethernet port will be disabled, and you will not be able to wirelessly connect other computers to the airport express for the purpose of internet access.

Downside is that if airport express falls over then you don't have a fallback wifi signal to use until such time that you restart the airport express.

Are a lot of "yes" answers here, but i had no success what so ever trying to extend a billion router with the airport express, so do your research.

Setting up airport express to existing wifi network

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For steps to configure a roaming network, read setting up and configuring a roaming network (802.

Itunes on your computer and choose the airport express(es) you wish to stream music through from the speakers pop-up menu in the lower-right corner of the itunes window.

Do i need to do to add my game consoles or digital video recorder to my wi-fi network via airport express?

: the 1/8 inch connector of the airport express will accept a standard stereo cable or a toslink connector.

Printer - airport express can act as a wireless interface for a printer connected to the usb port, making it available to your entire network.

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Up the airport express and, using the airport utility on mac (or iphone, etc) over wifi, select the device and choose to set it up as a new network.

On how you have it set up, the ethernet port can function as a lan port (defined as either simple bridging or sharing your internet connection via network address translation) or a wan port (connecting to your broadband internet service provider or upstream router).

The mac is still completely usable and can use it's own wifi connection to the original network.

-fi - airport express can act as a single wi-fi interface to any computer or almost any other device, such as a game console that has an ethernet port but doesn't have built-in wi-fi.

's it, your airport should be broadcasting a wifi network that other devices can join.

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An ethernet cable (cat6) from a lan port of the primary wi-fi base station to the ethernet port of the airport express.

On a windows-based computer, hold the pointer over the wireless connection icon until you see your airport network name (ssid), and choose it from the list if there are multiple networks available.

(can i use airport express as router connected to modem and time capsule to extend wifi?

The actual number that will work in your environment will depend on conditions such as building composition and radio interference, distance to the remote airport express units, and available network capacity relative to your other usage.

I use airport express as router connected to modem and time capsule to extend wifi?

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Device must have an ethernet port to connect the airport express to, and needs to be configured correctly.

Therefore, if you need to support wired clients and only want to get one base station (or router, as it's the routing capacity of airport express that is relevant here), you should get the airport extreme base station or time capsule instead.

I want to put airport express next to my home theater and stream itunes to it.

Express extends wi-fi network range and streams itunes music simultaneously using extended network for airport express with 802.

I bought an airport extreme and installed it as my wifi network using the airport utility on my macbook pro.

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In my case attempts consistently bricked the airport express which then required a hardware reset to bring it back to life.

Can stream itunes music to more than one airport express at a time by choosing multiple speakers from the speakers pop-up menu.

It means that the airport express becomes an interface for itunes to wirelessly deliver music to your entertainment center.

Now actually have an apple network so additional airport express devices could be installed to extend this to other parts of the property if needed.

I connect a usb hub to airport express so that i can access my printer, or usb modem?

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