She still loves me but is dating someone else

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.I just know if i met someone new and was happy, i wouldn't care what my ex was doing.

Rather, you should act as an outside observer, someone that she will run towards to whenever she encounters problems.

When we meet up with her we still kiss but she says she cant get back with me, so what can i do now.

Your ex probably doesn't love this man the way she loved you, especially if they've only been dating for a week or two.

I then tried to use reverse physchology and told her on whatsapp in a positive tone that the letter didnt matter anymore because someone helped me to move on and im going to date that girl.

Adrian, ive read a lot of your posts but i am still confuse about my situation.

My ex still loves me but is dating someone else

How to Get Your Ex Back When She Is Dating Someone Else

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, i met another girl about a week into this nonsense, and suddenly my ex freaks out, calling me and hysterically crying on the phone and saying it's too hard to talk to me when i'm with someone else.

So 3 months has passed and i tried to talk to her, she sounded pissed off and said ahe was dating another guy.

41 but acts 21, dating a guy who she "breaks up" with several times a year, goes on a weekend trip with some other guy, then goes back to the boyfriend.

I knew she was going to be a blubbering mess if i broke up with her or found someone else, and then she did it to me.

She broke up with me february 13 but still continued to hangout with me until mid april when she stopped talking or anything.

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Like she's still attached to you but she's trying to explore new relationships and feelings.

She still loves me but is dating someone else

You Love Her But She Just Started Dating Someone Else

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Wife left me three months ago after our six year marriage i had no idea she was going to leave me then one day she just said it wasnt working and she wanted to be on her own i have since found out that shes back with her ex that beat her up she left our beautiful home and me with nothing but debt she has since become a horrible person like someone i never knew all she did for six years was call this other bloke and say how much she hates him now she is in a relationship with him and im left devastated why has she done this to me.

That has been my biggest question about all of this, along with how she could go from introvert to sleeping with a random guy - why does she still want to talk to me?

I'm trying to figure out why i talked to her today and she says she still doesn't know where it's going with him - she worries he may break up with her soon.

She broke up with me, started dating someone else, then freaked out and said it's too hard to talk to me when i did the same.

I broke up with my girlfriend in the last week of may, we dated for 9 months, and the split because i was going to college and she still had another year of high school, she also thought we hooked up too much, which will be an easy fix if we get back together.

We have been broke up for a year now, he got himself a new girlfriend after 3 weeks yet he still wants me in his life.

I don't think she is doing any of this purposely, but i think her main goal isn't to be with me again, but that i am single, so she doesn't have to "worry" about me being with anyone else.

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I love her too death like the saying goes if you love someone set them free,if they return they are yours.

She says that never say never about us getting back together & that she loves this guy & that if he asked her to marry him & have kids she would in a heart beat.

Later she told me that she has been with someone from her job and that she basically bribed me for sex.

.Ok, joking aside, from what i gather it sounds like your real issue is still caring what the "ex" thinks.

After we broke up she told me shell never love anybody the way she loves me!

Girlfriend and i broke up 4 months ago & she is now seeing someone else who is rich he has a lotus, owns 2 houses & is trying to help her to deal with her demons while he has uses her for sex.

If i broke up with someone and met a new girl and was happy and excited to be with them, i wouldn't care about what my ex was doing, or really talking to her.

When Your Crush Likes Someone Else

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If you happen to be single and are still interested, then once you think shes ready again, then you can go and start talking to her that way if she does want you, you can confidently believe she actually wants you because she has found a reason to be reattracted to not finding an easy fix for her pain like if you are taking her after a break up.

Names jason my ex broke up with me 2 months ago and right when she did she asked if we can be friends i said yes and i kept txting her to come back to me i wrote her a lot of letters and now she blocks me on facebook instagram and now i found out she has a new boyfriend and i asked for a second chance but shes afraid that the same thing will happen again i said it wont but she dont belive me she also said she wants no contact with me i realy want my ex back she was perfect in every way i loved her i still love her what can i do to get her back.

Am i right to assume she still loves me and is sleeping with someone else to try and get over me?

Am confused as she says she still thinks about me a lot & misses me but she is seeing someone else and that there could be hope for the future, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I got back to the small get-together at my friends house, one my friends, who also happens to be one of her good friends told me that she was with someone else now.

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She has a new boyfriend, its only been 3 weeks i believe, so they are probably still in the honeymoon phase.

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You think that the time is ripe to communicate with her once again, you must still wait for her to commence contact first.

. you should know by now dating young 20 year olds is gonna be fraught with peril.

, it sucks that your ex girlfriend is sleeping with someone else, and that can be ridiculously painful to think about.

At this point, if you're still convinced that this is the woman for you, then you can move in and re-establish communication with your ex.

To get a good response from 99% of womenhow to date when you feel insecurerich men dating for the person that has it alldoes marriage mean loss of freedom?

Make the break-up the best thing that ever happened to you and don't give the ex the satisfaction of knowing you're pining for her still.

When me and her were dating she would always talk about how bad of a guy he was and how they broke up and she just despised him.

She's Back After Choosing Another Guy

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Is a dating app where one can easily navigate without knowing the person with whom they are chatting.

I agreed, but in reality my goal is to hang as friends more often, so she sees the change and treat it like someone new, who are friends with my hidden agenda of sorts.

Even if she said that she has not now any flirts with someone and she is not planning.

Part of me thinks she's only still with this guy (and changing her profile photo) because i'm currently seeing someone, too.

He has a trust issue with me because when we first got together i was pregnant with someone elses kid and didnt know.

She moved back here (30 minutes away now) over the summer, we broke up again in july (but still were friends with benefits) and she finally got her own car the week fall classes started.

Am dumb founded & want her back but she has moved & is now living near him & makes it hard as she is now seeing someone else.

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