Song ji hyo and gary really dating

Leessang's core fans, the ones that supported them even before rm doesn't really care about the loveline.

Ji hyo reveals her rule of dating - lee sun gyun says she is really dependable.

This problem of monday couple and everything seems to make a even greater impact abroad than in korea itself too, at the very least most of the time when jihyo is asked about gary in her interviews as of recently, it has been the hong kong media throwing in the question, and gary about jihyo, there was one in his taiwan leessang's concert.

The other hand, mc gave gary a "good man" image, despite knowing he's a clubber and all.

Least these 9% of kang gary are supporting everything he does, from mash ups to collabs to restaurants to darn doritos.

Monday couple did get her fans but to what extent, a survey done to fans(300++ people) of running man showed results like such(rounded up to whole number), 40% are fans of jihyo only, 9% are fans of gary only, 1% liked jihyo cause of monday couple, 14% likes gary cause of monday couple, 3% likes monday couple cause of jihyo, 33% likes gary cause of monday couple, so who is at the benefiting end of this loveline?

Song ji hyo and gary really dating

[HOT] Kang Gary Responded Dating Rumour of Monday Couple With Song Ji Hyo

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It be that fans are rejecting her partnership with actors because they can only see her with kang gary?

Perhaps i gotten your point wrong then, cause it does sound clear to me in simple english this is what you mean: "gary-the talented guy, build his foundation well, got into fame from running man, don't depend on mc as much as jihyo" to me, it is a comparison between who depends on it more because their main career as you said, gary being more successful in relative terms to you, that is where the comparison comes in their main career difference and why does it affect each other more.

The reappearance of the loveline (around the period of time when gary wanted to quit the show), it has only been a one-sided initiative kind of thing(recent eg.

Furthermore since it was her who was in a relationship, gary suddenly turned into the pitiful man and the sympathy and love for the loveline is transferred over to him, thus he wasn't as affected by the entire loveline thing when it stopped, rather it helped him to gain more popularity which was accompanied by the sudden change in running man format that resulted in an increase in his screen appearance as compared to jihyo's and for various unknown reasons since the change of format of running man she has up to date (ep 179) not been in the same team as a female guest, of course noting that in 181 she will finally be having a female guest on her team after like a 100+ episodes or something and not to mention the lack of male guests as well.

, gary debuted as part of honey family in 1999 and then became part of a hip hop duo with leessang.

They didn't know who gary was, because back then gil was a lot more popular and known because of infinity challenge.

Is kang gary and song ji hyo really dating

Back(that's how it is actually spelled in the c-jes page)and wrong again, gary has often mentioned jihyo in his interviews and i can date it back to strong heart ep98, rather, the mention of gary in her interviews has only been a more common recurrence after the reappearance of the loveline.

It is quite unfortunate that netizens keep wanting her with gary and not accepting anyone else that she is with( although i myself think that they would make a cute couple).

But it is true that both their careers have really gotten a lot of boost from the 'monday couple'.

It is obvious that they are basis to gary, most of monday couple fans at least.

Kang gary is differentkang garys case is different because before running man, he was able to create a strong connection to hip hop.

As rm progress you see that whenever the cast members line up it jihyo and gary was always next to each other.

Gary Jihyo is A REAL Couple

Monday Coupleis REAL at Chang San to Record "You're My Darling" on Hunan TV.

Monday couple is not a character but a character pairing or relationship, arguably each member has his or her own role to play in the show, now if you just look over to gary, he is the one lacking in roles rather than jihyo, peaceful gary(it worked well but the lack of its appearance makes it not that stable a character), straight going gary(this has an even more limited appearance), occasional commander(or something like that, too much overlapping with jong kook's role and also a lack of appearance).

.but, when talking about acting, she is not really incredible actress who are stand out from other actress.

This is make the director are confused that ji hyo is dating with gary or not.

So why do you choose to write an article on someone you seem to lack an understanding about, it is the same if i were to be write an article about gary right?

Mans PD elaborated on Song Ji Hyos true feelings about Gary leaving the show, behind the scenes of Garys last Running Man episode, and more.

Perhaps you should have tried to do a post on gary instead, seems to me you do understand him very well.

RM.EP.135 - Song Ji Hyo & Kang Gary talking about dating with each other

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Fact, song ji hyo was said to have been dating baek chang joo (ceo of c-jes entertainment), a relationship that was revealed in february, 2012.

International fans rather were the target for the survey as compared to korean ones, definitely i believe gary's popularity is greater than 9%, i mean don't you?

I merely stated why gary's main career (musician) doesn't seem to be affected with mc.

"in garys last episode,song ji hyo, who has publicly rooted for garys decision to focus on music, shedtears.

Yes, her position as an actress did not stand out as much as i would have hoped for her and undeniably running man is what pushed her into fame, and the same goes for gary as well, even to other members too.

April 5, gary posted on his instagram, saying, i tied the knot with someone i love today.

RUNNING MAN Monday Couple #6 - Kang Gary Kiss Song Ji Hyo - Love Is In The Air

RUNNING MAN Monday Couple #6 - Kang Gary Kiss Song Ji Hyo - Love Is In The Air monday couple #6 - kang gary kiss song ji ...

"like she said in her letter to gary, song ji hyo has been very sad since shed heard of gary's departure, and other cast members were sad about it too.

But we do have 1 point in agreement, the fact that monday couple should be stopped, but in my opinion, rather than jihyo fans being not accustomed to any other guy rather than gary it is the monday couple fans that don't.

To get started, kang gary and gil invested their own money to record their first album and did live concerts to promote themselves (because no tv show would pay attention to them).

Now, i accept kang gary as a rapper, not as a comedian from variety show.

Jihyo's problem has existed even way before running man, having liked her even before frozen flower(not lying here, first liked her for a line she said in goong and i can recite it literally when she was in the taxi with shin whether you believe it or not it does not matter, but of cause her antagonist role in dramas led her to having antis something i recognize as well), i truly do believe that she has problems of her own that needs overcoming, does monday couple really play that much responsibility in her career, well no, not exactly, not as much as you assumed.

Other words, kang gary was already successful in his field before running man, and the show only helped him become more mainstream.

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Most monday couple fans are gary fans and they also hate jihyo which sounds ironic.

Some even speculate that they might have real feelings for each other or are even dating.

Mans pd elaborated on song ji hyos true feelings about gary leaving the show,behind the scenes of garys last running man episode,and more.

"if we really do start dating and we happen to split, i feel like one of us has to leave the show so that's why i'm just focused on work.

I feel that it is through monday couple especially that got people to know about gary.

" yet you have dedicated an entire paragraph on how mc has not as much affected gary, as much as it did to jihyo.

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