Speed dating activity in classroom

Its just like speed dating, but the goal is to end with debate, not a date.

Speed dating school activity for classroom

Speed Dating (Classroom Conversations) Introduction

Learn the what, why and how of conversation-based learning in an ESL classroom.

Youd like, try showing this 2-minute clip from gilmore girls (try to hide the shock when your students dont know what gilmore girls is) that shows a classroom appropriate glimpse at speed dating.

Speed dating activity in classroom

Speed Dating for Brainstorming & Revision

Learn about one of my favorite classroom tools: speed dating! Speed dating is a rapid-fire way to generate ideas, peer review ...

Each round has to be long enough for the students to gather some information and short enough to get to each panelist during the activity.

Speed dating classroom activity

Speed Dating for Area and Volume

Instructions and actual student footage for speed dating activity with area and volumes of revolution.

In reflecting upon their feedback, i had an epiphany: speaking directly with others about their work is similar to dating.

ESL activity speed dating.mp4

A fun activity for ESl learners.

Speed dating model is an effective way for students to learn a variety of perspectives in a short amount of time and can be easier than a panel to manage.

Speed dating in class 1

In our general English courses we focus one one topic for a week of study. There are usually one or two grammar points that ...

You might also consider asking students why they think you've asked them to engage in a certain activity.

Speed dating, icebreakers and PowerPoint

Using a PowerPoint slide show for maximum communicative practice in the EFL classroom. For a closer description or more ideas ...

Dating originated in 1998 as an efficient way for prospective romantic partners to meet each other (Deyo & Deyo, 2003); however, the method was co-opted by the educational world and adapted for the classroom in 2005 (Muurlink & Matas, 2011).

Speed Dating: Teaching Strategy for the Classroom

Looking to mix things up in the classroom? Try Speed Dating! It's a simple strategy to use, and I'll walk you through it here in about ...