Squier serial number dating service

Are the rough serial number ranges for the early esquires and telecasters:And here are the ranges for the original precision basses:Also, for the first half or so of 1954, the inaugural run of stratocasters had a distinct number sequence all under number 6000.

Someone help me determine the age and country of origin of my squier, the serial number is ncy0410093.

's the serial number breakdown for a majority of mim fenders:There are a number of exceptions to all these serial number schemes.

Fender squier serial number dating

Just Habgin' Out!!! How to research your Fender serial number.....and new info on my Deluxe Strat

Thanks to Joe Pisciotta Jr I was able to email ConsumerRelations@fender.com and get a full stat list for my guitar. Thanks, Joe!

Though examples also exist with the number on the headstock or the neck-plate in the case of certain early reissue models.

These can definitely be useful in cases where no other numbers exist, but just tell when the pot itself was made.

Deluxe (neck-thru maple necks with basswood wings), and the double fat tele deluxe (all solid mahogany with set necks), with serial numbers starting with kc for korean cort, followed by 2-digit year.

Squier serial number dating service

How to Spot a FAKE Fender in Seconds!

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For example, a signature series guitar from 1998 would have a serial starting with sn8 followed by five digits.

Chinese serials: cd, ct, cj, nc: c = china, the first number following the serial number prefix is the year.

, the best approach to dating a fender is to combine indicators from the design of the instrument, the dates found on the neck and body, along with the serial number.

Fender serial number dating service squier

How to date your Mexican made Fender Stratocaster guitar mim

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Esquires, broadcasters and telecasters shared a serial number sequence, while the landmark precision bass had its own system.

Examples include the 35th anniversary series, many of the uniquely finished strats from the early '80s, as well as various export-specific models which carry a serial number starting with fn.

In this early period, the serial number can be found on the bridge of the instrument (see image).

How to spot a fake Fender Stratocaster

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In 1976, fender transitioned to a new serial number scheme and moved the placement of most serial numbers to the headstock of the instrument.

Most important thing to keep in mind when dating a fender is the highly modular nature of the designs.

As mentioned above, many reissue models use serial numbers that don't really correlate to their age.

Squier Stratocaster Made In Fujigen serial number E

Squier Stratocaster Made In Fujigen serial number E.

Below we'll go into detail about the various serial number schemes employed by fender as far back as 1950.

Are the serial numbers for the "crafted in japan" or "cij" era:After 2007, fender japan switched back to marking fenders as "made in japan" though for a few years instruments with both decals were made.

's the breakdown of post-1976 american-made fender serials:American-made signature series instruments follow a very similar scheme to the above, but use a prefix s before the decade letter.

Dating Fender amps by Chassis Serial Number

This method can get you there, but it has its pitfalls!

The large message from giljanus: "the s and e squires seem to be from the late 1980's/early 1990's and don't seem to have a reliable serial number system for dating.

Like the us serial numbers, mij (made in japan) serials start with a letter or pair of letters that indicate the rough year of production.

Scheme is not 100% consistent due to a number of production factors, such as fender producing more serialized decals than needed in a given year.

Gibson Serial Numbers - 1977 to Present

Gibson Serial Numbers - 1977 to Present. Dating a Gibson Electric or Acoustic Guitar. The following information applies to Gibson ...