Stefan and elena dating in real life

Elena and stefan went to find jeremy when the device was set of by john.

Elena and matt then are trapped in the car in the river beneath the wickery bridge and water starts to fill up the car.

I think that our most successful emotional moments of the show, they're all very human, real moments.

She tells elena that stefan is her epic love and that she is not going down without a fight.

Soon after, stefan is shot by wood from a shotgun while elena was tied up.

However when another vampire started attacking in town, stefan decided to stay a little longer and warned elena about it.

Actors, who play kai and elena on the vampire diaries, appeared to be very close at the spartan race the other day and naturally, this sparked further rumors that the two are a couple.

With the help of logan fell, elena investigates this, and sees stefan's face for herself on an old film at the local television station.

After insisting her to come with him, elena takes his hand and follows him into the school gym.

Damon and elena dating in real life

The Vampire Diaries - What Paul Wesley Hopes For Stefan and Elena

Paul Wesley, the star of CW's hit TV show 'The Vampire Diaries' reveals what he hopes to see happen with Elena and Stefan at ...

It should also be noted that elena and stefan are the only two main characters on the show to ride on a motorcycle.

Stabbed the dagger into elijah, killing him, but when he removed the dagger, elijah came back to life.

Elena says she said something she didn't mean and stefan admits that he did too.

"i won't love a ghost for the rest of my life", she says to him, before leaving.

Stefan rests his hand on her waist, but elenas expression doesn't change, and entwines his fingers with elena's and reminds her about how their fingers used to touch while they danced.

Later, stefan & elena had conversation, they hugged & elena tried to shoot him with a vervain dart.

Stefan asked her how they met and elena took him to school to relive the moment.

Elena tells stefan that she's so happy to see him again, and that the past couple of months have been really hard for her, since losing bonnie.

Elena constantly searches for stefan all summer and teams up with damon and alaric to bring him back.

Stefan and elena dating in real life

Nina and Ian are Dating!!.( Delena In Real Life Too?)

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Still elena argues that stefan should have done something to avoid the problem, leading stefan to bring up her decision about erasing damon from her life.

Elena had her humanity off, and stefan decided to dance with her to get her to feel something again.

Bonnie got escorted upstairs and told liv that she knew she was hoping enzo would kill stefan or elena because then, the travelers couldn't use their doppelgnger blood and the witches win.

They go to the carnival together, and elena warns stefan that they could get caught.

Later, stefan went for a drink of water and left elena alone in his room.

When stefan and elena first bump into each other, the two are instantly drawn to each other, showcasing the strong and profound connection between the two of them.

Home, elena and damon volunteer to go on a suicide mission to bring stefan back.

And damon went through a serious emotional roller coaster on the vampire diaries, but it sounds like the real-life actors mayactually be in a relationship again!

The third time that stefan and elena bump into each other outside of the men's room is in for whom the bell tolls.

Elena continues to tell stefan that he always knew that she didn't want to be a vampire and that he wanted her to say it out loud.

I'd leave my happy home for you, elena calls stefan after escaping from lily's wrath.

After she arrives at rebekahs bastion of under-aged drinking, elena again gets the rage and obsesses over klaus sister.

At first, he felt elena's powerful personality, but had no clue who she was, and elena was shocked that he never even noticed her, as did the other guys.

In bed with stefan unbeknownst to stefan, elena was also searching for the moonstone with bonnie and caroline's assistance.

Nina dobrev's departure from the vampire diaries, hollywood life claims that it's "unbearable to think about a world where elena and stefan no longer exist together.

The diaries' represents the similarity between elena and stefan and eventually plays an important role in their relationship.

Elena is compelled by silas, the most powerful supernatural being on earth, to kill damon at any costs.

Growing pains, elena becomes fully conscious and is horrified and distraught that she has indeed become a vampire and is in transition.

Later in the episode, elena is seen waiting outside the hospital, and catches stefan coming towards her.

Stefan told her about moments of stillness in the safe, in the time that he was dead and just before he would come back to life, when he thought about things that made him happy, things that gave him hope and kept him from switching off his humanity switch.

Stefan and elena's cells are next to each other, but they are separated by a wall and cannot see each other.

I hate her, elena growls as she storms out of the room, with stefan by her side.

Elena was still shocked, but stefan said it didn't matter to him, he loved her.

Stefan tells elena that he loves her so much, and tells him that the reason she was on the bridge in the first place was because she was coming back for him.

In season six, elena and stefan fall out of contact again and both cope with damon's death in different ways.

Stefan tells her to do it, which stuns elena, and she begs him not to let rebekah do it.

Elena responds by saying "i knew you'd catch me", before alaric shoots him with a vervain arrow.

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev (Nian)

Elena Gilbert (Katherine Pierce) and Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. I loved them so much. Still heartbroken that they ...

The show, elena and stefan have had meaningful phone conversations which draws many viewers to their relationship.

The first time that stefan and elena officially encounter each other is outside the mens restroom at mystic falls high schoolin pilot.

Elena is relieved to hear his voice and tells him that sarah's gonna be okay.

Elena told stefan that even if he can't remember it, she does: tessa isn't the kind of person he'd like.

Rebekah, in an attempt at defeating alaric through elena's death, runs the truck off the bridge.

Into the wild, rebekah gave elena the evil eye, and elena tried to stake her.

Younger salvatore noticed elena in the storage & saved her life by taking wine & distracting klaus.

Her life to be normal without any vampires except stefan and wanting to just have fun, she and stefan accepted caroline's invitation of a double date with herself and.

Elena gives him the cure by telling him that he's worse at being vampire that her, but stefan gives it back to her.

Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder seduce Nina Dobrev at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards!

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Bonnie tried to text damon, so enzo called him and told him, in a round about way, that he was going to kill elena or stefan -- eye for an eye.

Stefan tells elena that the comet has been traveling across space for thousands of years.

Stefan always heard his father say he would take secrets to the grave and realized where the grimoire was: buried with his father.

Our town, in an effort to get klaus to back off and remove his hybrids from mystic falls, stefan kidnaps elena and feeds her his blood, telling klaus that if he doesn't tell his hybrids to back off he would drive off wickery bridge so that elena would die and turn into a vampire.

The party, stefan hears bonnie and elena talking about him from a distance and tries to make his way over, but is stopped by caroline.

The ferris wheel scene, which took place at the carnivalin brave new world, is apopular scene for stelena and the fans of the relationship.

And elena have both fought compulsion by thinking about each other:Stefan attempted to fight klaus's compulsion by thinking about his love for elena in the reckoning.

When elena looks back down to the floor, she sees no blood, and she gets back to her feet.

Stefan tells elena that he just wants to talk to her, but then elena reveals that she kissed liam.

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