This is not a dating site runescape

November 17, 2014, i posted a thread that resulted in a barrage of angry posts on the runescape official forums for daring to explain that the chat filter was being applied to a specific part of the game that (most likely) was being grandfathered in unintentionally to theplayer examine interface.

This is not a dating site you must be willing

Runescape: This Is NOT a Dating Site?! (w/Facecam)

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However, i was able to do some digging on the runescape official forums and found an answer to the question im sure you and i both had in our heads to which the runescape community got an answer to!

This is not a dating site runescape

Runescape Logic - NOT a dating site

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It didnt take long before the thread was under fire with comments about religion, questioning my identity, flaming me, special snowflake comments, think of the children, concerned parents, gays = adult content, this is not a dating site, stop shoving your gayness down our throat, etc.

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[RSMV] "This Is Not a Dating Site." by Mewk

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This is not a dating site

Runescape Is Not A Dating Website

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Only would runescape become more diverse in its representation of different identities, but it would become vastly more interesting.

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When you See a Couple in RuneScape...

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Runescape is a dating website

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It is pretty obvious that all video games arent quite built with the LGBTQIA+Frequently asked questions of /r/runescape.

"eDater Envy" - RuneScape Comedy Sketch [WTFDIJW?]

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