Tinder app for windows phone release date

Of product at tinder, brian norgard, says that tinder online is meant to serve users in emerging markets who dont have enough storage on their phone (the app is 128mb on ios) or a big enough data plan for tinders image-heavy feed.

Tinder app for windows phone release date

Tinder windows phone

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Pinterest briefly had a beta mobile app for windows phone in 2014, but it was pulled months after its release photo: reuters social media network pinterest briefly made an appearance in the windows store last year as a beta app in june.

Dating apps like tinder for windows phone

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People are silhouetted as they pose with laptops in front of a screen projected with a google logo photo: reuters outside of its search app, google has mostly ignored windows phone, including its flagship gmail app.

Instalar Tinder no Windows Phone

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+ running nike's suite of apps are nowhere to be found on windows phone photo: nike while theres a growing number of fitness apps coming onto windows phone, nikes are entirely missing from the platform, leaving nike+ users to rely on third-party alternatives to support the line of run-tracking accessories.

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Despite the popularity of the iac/interactivecorp matchmaking and dating app, tinder has yet to find its way onto windows phone.

Tinder: It is the new application for the meeting dating.

Tinder: It is the new application for the meeting dating. If you're looking to swipe right and score a date, try using dating apps at ...

Music aficionados are left using the mobile website of soundcloud if they're using a windows phone photo: soundcloud swedish online streaming platform soundcloud has developed dedicated apps for both ios and android.


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Isnt the only way to use your iPhone or Android phone to meet other singletons, heres a selection of alternative servicesSkip to main content area.

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