Vintage coca cola cooler with bottle opener

The characters you see in this image:In 1886, coca cola was first released to the public.

When people grow bored with one type of advertising scheme, the company will come up with a new way to keep their fans happy, whether it is a new bottle or can design, a new beverage, or something totally unique.

Vintage coca cola ice pick bottle opener

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Instead of being something that only antique collectors can find, there are coca cola coolers for sale on some of the most popular shopping websites.

Antique coca cola cooler has chrome corners and a chrome handle that can lock into place.

Vintage coca cola cooler with bottle opener

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It is perfect for dorm rooms, offices, and other areas where you want to show your love of coca cola.

These antique coca cola cooler ice chests are still very popular, and now you do not even have to be an antique collector to own your very own new ice chest.

todays trash find vintage coca cola ice chest

found this 30s 40s ice box from coca cola and stephane as to fight me if he wants it lol better have good breakfast stephane lmao.

The best part though, is the very boldly displayed coca cola logo which is located on the front.

The only thing that never changes is the classic coca cola logo, which ensures that it is recognizable.

Some would use ice, some would use power, either way, they were guaranteed to provide people with the cool beverages that they desired and it was one more way that coca cola made use of advertising.

Over the next several decades, the design of these coolers improved so much that by the 1950s they were virtually everywhere and some of the best were the coca cola cooler on wheels.

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These barrels would have a wooden lid over them and on the sides, would have the coca cola logo stenciled on them.

The realization that soda would sell better if it was chilled, coca cola retailers wanted to figure out a way to keep them cold, even before the advent of electric coolers.

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This is further encouraged by the simple fact that coca cola is constantly changing their advertising to include other products.

It was a rectangular glascock cooler that had an iced box above the storage area.

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