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On the advice of a friend, he went wild with his profile photo on the dating app tinder, choosing a picture of himself crouching next to an adult tiger.

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Asian Dating Apps Style Themselves as Anti-Tinder

A number of dating apps have emerged in Asia that aim to offer something for users who aren't quite ready for marriage but aren't ...

. gay dating app grindr has more than two millionaccording to a grindr factsheet from june 2015.

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Dating Apps Courting Older Singles for Their Money

Dating apps, which have long enlisted 18-24 year olds as customers, now have their sights set on those 35 and older. WSJ's ...

The six-part series, hosted by journalist and this american life music supervisor jane marie, covers various topics surrounding dating in the digital age, like how to best construct an online profile or the precarious transfer of nude photographs.

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Four Major Challenges for Dating Sites & Apps

As dating sites and apps like Tinder and eharmony continue to grow in popularity, many of the companies behind them are finding ...

Dating has matured considerably since the first major matchmaking websites launched, nearly two decades ago.

Wall street journal dating apps

Tinder vs. OkCupid: Which App Finds Love Faster?

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. The WSJ's Eva Tam and Henry Williams compare dating apps Tinder and OkCupid to ...

Baoli, founder of blue city, parent company of chinese gay dating app blued, poses for pictures at his office reception area in beijing, january 7, 2015.

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A Guide to Dating on Your Phone

Tinder is a popular alternative to dating sites. With Valentine's Day upon us WSJ's Georgia Wells looks at some lesser known ...

Baoli's once-secret project -- the gay dating app Blued -- now has more than three million daily active users and is building its business overseas with an eye toward an initial public offering.

Apps to Enhance Your Love Life

We've all heard about dating apps, but what about apps that can actually make your date better? Reporter Andria Chamberlin ...

A young, increasingly busy and mobile audience, the allure of the dating app business can be intoxicatingand the market is big.

Swipe Right? Tinder Users Say They're Not Seeking Sex

Nearly half of millennials and college students polled report using the dating app Tinder, but a surprising number don't use it for ...