What does it mean when you connect with someone

The fact that i felt such a connection wasnt new, i felt it every single time i saw him in the hallway.

I get the weird feeling that she communicates between me and him, although she doesnt say much about him.

Connect with ease right off the bat and let their true colors show without fear of judgment.

I sometimes get hundreds of requests in a day from readers who want to connect, but only about 2 percent ever follow up.

I have never asked him not to call, a part of me seems to need this connection.

Has always been this connection between us , now we are both single it come apparent that e have liked one another.

From the moment he messaged me on a social networking site, there was a connection.

The only connections that work will be the ones that you truly care about; the world will see through anything short of that.

Hope i do feel a connection like i did with my female friend with somebody else one day but i hope it isnt short lived.

I always felt a connection with him but he constantly hurts my feeling and i cant seem to forget him though.

What does it mean when you instantly connect with someone

I am sorry i didnt take the time to read all the other long stories on this page, but your story properly showed the types of feelings one would have for someone from a past life.

She believes he has his reasons and looks forward to the day when she will reconnect with him with a happy face and big hug smiley.

Is a boy at my school named conner, and i feel a big connection with him, we havent formally met though, i dont know why i feel this connection to him, but i feel like i know him and his personality, i really need help, thank you.

You were sure that you were fated to meet and you feel a really deep connection with this person.

Had a relationship that was about a year of friendship and six months of deep romantic connection, then an ending that was so abrupt it felt like physical impact.

That helped me: a good friend telling me that sometimes when this happens and it takes both people by surprise, its because the universe has other plans for them (she also said i needed someone greater, and i love her all the more for waiting until after the break up to tell me that); and mum telling me that she had a vision in a meditation that he and i would not be together long term, but when she saw me with him, and how connected we were, she wondered if she had made a mistake (shes a marriage counsellor, so i trust her ability to spot a healthy relationship).

When i got to secondry school i met a young boy, called ian he was so sweet ,the thing is he came along at the time i needed him, the connection wasnt all that strong then ,but i found out we spoke with no verbal words i looked at him he loked at me he smiled it reasured me .

I feel this may have been just one sided, i feel like i love her and i feel so connected to heri think of strange thoughts of us together, and i think its so wrong!

I declined to accept it because i wanted him to know that his friendship meant more to me than looking like i wanted his help financially.

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What does it mean when you connect with someone

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Have this friend that i met in the third-grade, and ive always been sort of convinced that we were connected on a spiritual basis.

I have been deeply affected by 2 relationships that did not last for a very long time, and wondered if there was a deeper connection than what we experienced, or why these men and i were together and what greater purpose it solved (wow, what a slip, i meant to say served).

I feel i have met someone that i have a soulful attachment with, he makes me feel strong inside, i feel weak when we are apart, and he says he feels the same.

There is one of my male friends where i have this connection with but i havent said anything about it yet.

It almost torture knowing i cant have that experience again despite knowing we are meant to be where we are with whom at this exact moment , no accidents it is hard to be spiritual beings having human experiences, a lot gets blocked.

I feel deep within we are suppose to be together and i feel like the connection is pulling us together once again.

.do you know how difficult it is to open up your most vulnerable thoughts to someone?

I think of him everyday, sometimes i think and regret that i never got to know him, i know that if we had gotten to know each other i would have tried my hardest to lead him onto the right pathway, who knows maybe he would still be alive today if i had given him a chance, though i suppose this is how fate works, and we were not meant to be together in this lifetime unfortunately i know hes in a better place now.

However i was talking in another language and later when i learned italian i knew what those words i was saying meant.

There is a love and a connection, but you dont always stay in there lives like you said and it is hard to let them go when your soul feels you need them there.

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It was at a place of leisure that i went every weekend and he had a girlfriend, we had a deep connection that i cant even explain into words.

And while i was in this meeting i all of the sudden started seeing my connections face .

By all means, you can continue to feel for him as you do and you guys will always have a special connection so be grateful for that.

Know when you meet someone for the first time, and it feels electric and amazing?

Count yourself as lucky that you got to experience this connection, for most people do not.

Some part of me hopes that one day well be good friends again, but the rest of me really doesnt want it at all.

Recently broke it off with someone in the past few months and it was very difficult because our love stems from previous past lives.

Once they begin chatting in private, on a personal level, there is an instant connection and a strong bond is formed.

Would someone with sun/mercury/venus landing in your 11th house mean he was a dear friend of yours in your past life?

Im assuming that we made a contract to connect when i needed him, which i did.

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That means when people are looking for what you have to offer, the results of their searches are displayed with 1st level connections first, then 2nd level connections and so on.

I know its strange to say this about a total stranger, but, for some reason, i feel like he really is someone special and important to me perhaps in a past life.

People to get their attention on a larger post or if you want to address someone specifically.

It got really strange as i kept seeing visions of things he would do, and he would keep telling me how he had a feeling that he and i were meant to be together when we first met for that short few minutes at the bookstore.

Am curious about what you meant when you wrote, for most souls on a path of accelerated evolution, it tends to be more complex than that.

Year back i saw a person and i could feel that there is some connection between us.

Those cases, you may feel drawn to someone, but not in a healthy way, even if you dont realize it at the time.

You are really lucky to have these people in your life with whom you share such a strong connection.

I miss the talks we had, how comfortable we were with each other, the chemistry and that connection- man, it was so strong, to the point of being overwhelming.

I havnt spoke to him in a little over a year and the deep connection has been felt everyday.

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And i mean people that you really connect with, and dont know how to break that connection?

It's nearly impossible to genuinely offer help if you don't pay attention -- i meanreal attention, not just to what business they started or what sport they like!

In those cases, you may feel a pull towards someone but they may feel indifferent towards you and that might be because the contract is still open on your side but they stopped honouring it some time ago.

The best examples i can give was in the curious case of benjamin button, benjamin and daisy were connected throughout their lives.

Went for a angel reading and the lady told me that we have a very strong connection and that he is very confused.

Am going through something really heart breaking and i dont know what it means perhaps you can help me and tell me what kind of connection this is is this a soul-matei dont think it can be because we are both women!

It is a personal story about myself and a friend who has disconnected without warning, leaving me without any sort of closure.

Spend more time connecting with your current network of friends and colleagues and see where it leads.

And they led me to interactions and connections with world-class ceos, best-selling authors, professional athletes and other seemingly untouchable folks, including tony robbins and warren buffett.

I just recently broken up with a guy whom i was seeing for almost three years and he had a connection to me that i didnt feel strongly in the beginning.

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I want to strengthen the connection and it feels like i need him to be there but i dont want to send his energy away through that need.

The only thing she said to me was that he wants someone who is not interested in him just for his looks.

Years ago, i connected with a man online just as friends at first on a social networking site.

"you might find a soulmate relationship to be rocky, and that your partner is someone who pushes your buttons and aggravates you at first because they bring with them some of the more difficult lessons for the soul," brockway said.

Sometimes i didnt like my gift cause i was a afraid to feel someone anger.

But i quickly realized we would not both be on an island in a different country if it wasnt meant to be.

Contrast, a positive connection will be one where there is a nice exchange of energy going on.

And the 7 pillarsof making a connection with another person are always the same -- whether applied to your next-door neighbor, one of the world's biggest celebrities or even the cute girl sitting at the bar:Be genuine.

Most people arent conscious of what theyre actually bringing to others, but that doesnt stop them dealing in the energies that they do.

I had a very brief intense relationship (extra-marital) with someone who came into my life about 10 years ago, via an internet chat room, and the energetic connection was phenomenal.

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