What to expect when dating a spanish man

The foundation of spanish society is the family and community, and the spanish are noted for their close family ties, their love of children and care for the elderly (who are rarely abandoned in nursing homes).

Spaniards are intolerant of other peoples views; criticism of spain is reserved for the spanish (who do it constantly) and isnt something to be indulged in by ignorant foreigners.

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Agree with john, yo dont know at all spanish people, at least the north of my country.

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I am amazed at how many sportsmen (champions even) who are not spanish are actually crap (or so they say) in the eyes of spaniards when their athletes are the best.

The spanish are generally totally disorganised and the only predictable thing about them is their unpredictability.

They seldom plan anything (if they do, the plans will be changed or abandoned at the last moment), as one of the unwritten rules of spanish life is its spontaneity.

Of this wouldnt be so bad if the spanish people (who may have previously rubished your country) took anything anyone says about their great country with huge offence (as you can see here).

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When spaniards and foreigners come into contact (conflict), it concerns official business and results in a profusion of confrontations and misunderstandings (few foreigners can fathom the spanish psyche) and does little to cement relations.

The spanish dont consider the concrete jungles of the costa del sol, costa blanca, majorca and parts of the canaries to be part of spain, but a plastic paradise created for and by foreigners so that pasty-faced tourists can fry in the sun and get drunk on cheap booze.

Unlike northern americans who only know how to dance to techno or hip hop #sorrynotsorry, spanish men are suave.

A spanish man, for example, will look deep into your eyes pretending to savour every word, despite the fact he hasn't the slightest idea of what you're on about.

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Sheer vitality and passion for life the spanish have few equals, and whatever spain can be accused of its never dull or boring.

I respectfully responded that i was most limited in spanish as canadians spoke english and/or french primarily and i added that the waiter had interacted with us and i was confident he understood the order.

It comes to dating in London, for a women in her thirties, options are limited.

Article is right, spanish people are rude and do not consider the language barrier that the tourists have, very inefficient and absolutely no organisation, i should know as i am an erasmus student here and nothing is ever going right.

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, although the spanish arent generally xenophobic, theyre becoming more racist and many would happily eject the gypsies, arabs and north africans from their country.

Lets take a candid and totally prejudiced look at the spanish people, tongue firmly in cheek, and hope they forgive my flippancy or that they dont read this bit.

Contrary to popular opinion, the spanish are a nation of animal lovers: they will eat anything that moves.

I joined in the conversation stating that we had shared the same type of experience the previous night and when i complained to management(after 80 minutes), he asked me if i had ordered in spanish.

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, i have neither the time nor inclination to stand around in bars and pull, most men of an appropriate dating age are now either married or homosexual, and those who are not, are chasing skirt ten years younger than themselves, in the hope of bagging themselves some arm candy before, they too, are on the proverbial shelf.

Spanish are dismissive of time constraints and have no sense of urgency, treating appointments, dates, opening hours, timetables and deadlines with disdain (its said that the only thing that begins on time in spain is a bullfight).

It comes to dating in london, for a women in her thirties, options are limited.

If youre willing to learn spanish (or at least make an effort) and embrace spains traditions and way of life, you will invariably be warmly received by the natives, most of whom will go out of their way to welcome and help you.

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It came as a shock to me when my spanish man held my hand, stopping every hundred feet while walking by the university of barcelona to sensually whisper my name and kiss me.

The spanish are inveterate celebrants and, when not attending a fiesta, family celebration or impromptu party, are to be found in bars and restaurants indulging in another of their favourite pastimes: eating and drinking.

Not eating (or playing guitars or flamenco dancing), the spanish are allegedly having sex spanish men have a reputation as great lovers, although their virility isnt confirmed by the birth rate, which is one of the lowest in the world.

Concludedespite the countrys problems, the spanish enjoy one of the best lifestyles (and quality of life) of any european country and, indeed, any country in the world; in spain work fits around social and family life, not vice versa.

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