What to get someone you re dating for their birthday

You miss the birthday because you didn't find out, apologize with a gift and belated card and then write down the date for future reference.

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What to get someone your dating for their birthday

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Just say that you genuinely forgot the persons birthday and that you feel bad about it.

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What to get someone you're dating for their birthday

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Determining real birth dates gets complicated -- certain cultures simply do not celebrate birthdays, so no one remembers them, or they may come from a country that uses a completely different calendar system.

The easiest way is to check to see if the person has listed their birthday on facebook.

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Forgot my crush's birthday and we don't really talk to each other, and my friends don't know, and i can't ask his friends either.

Casually mention your birthday and see if the person reveals anything about his or her birthday.

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But it turns out there are far more people with a january 1st birthday than you might think.

Other social networking sites may list birthdays, and even if the person's birthday does not appear on the site, you may be able to figure it out by seeing other posts, tweets, or photos.

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If you gave the person a birthday present the previous year, or took the person out to dinner, or paid for a gift with your credit card, then you can check your old bank statements to find the date that you did this.

They will know you care about them, but you are just forgetful, when you pop up out of the blue and say 'hey, ----, happy birthday!

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Ask the person or, if it's a surprise, ask someone they know and tell them it's for a surprise.

Tell your friend that your half-birthday is coming up, and ask when their half-birthday is, then do your calculations later to find the real date.

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